April 15, 2024


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Say Goodbye To Your Current Career: How To Know You’re In A Toxic Workplace


There is no experience worse than being in a job where you don’t feel comfortable. This situation is prevalent in the world, especially in the United States. Millions of employees are in toxic workplaces, and they have to put up with some pretty unpleasant situations every day just for a paycheck.

Being in a toxic job affects your whole life. However, not everyone knows how to recognize a toxic workplace. Here, we show you what to look for to find out whether you are indeed on the wrong career path.

Your Health and Physical Integrity Are At Risk

Health is an important issue at work. It is common to see burnout and stress in the workplace, but this does not mean that it is a good thing. According to CNBC, almost 60 percent of employees in the United States suffer from stress three days a week. These are dangerous numbers since stress can lead to other conditions like anxiety, exhaustion, and heart problems.

In addition to stress and problems related to mental health, you should know that work can also cause physical injuries. All companies should take care of their workers’ physical integrity, investing in better environments, and working conditions.

Among the most common problems, we can highlight injuries to the spine from spending many hours sitting in the chair in your office or due to excessive loads, damage to sight from computer screens, and accidents using machinery or company vehicles. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 5,250 employees died in 2018 from work-related accidents. If your company has no interest in improving working conditions and tools, be careful—you may be in the wrong place!

Toxic Bosses and Colleagues

Nothing makes you hate your jobs like toxic bosses and colleagues. Working with people who are against you is a sad and challenging situation. Sometimes people forgo their integrity for a paycheck; that is something you should not allow under any circumstance. How can you identify when your work environment is toxic? Pay attention to the following signs:

A toxic boss…

  • Humiliates you in front of your colleagues
  • Always threatens to fire you 
  • Forces you to work overtime
  • Makes you work on your time off
  • Does not take your opinions into account

A toxic colleague…

  • Speaks ill of you behind your back (or even in front of you)
  • Competes to overshadow all your efforts
  • Tells your boss to fire you
  • Steals your belongings
  • Abuses you physically and verbally

You Don’t Feel Comfortable

Before starting college, you should choose a career that you are passionate about. There is nothing better than working in a company related to your job. However, not being motivated, does not mean you have chosen a lousy career. Maybe you are not in a suitable job or perhaps you have landed in a toxic workplace! What makes you uncomfortable in a job? Perhaps one of these things:

They underestimate your knowledge

If you do tasks that you learned in a bootcamp or an online course, don’t let that be an excuse to be paid less. Did you know that bootcamps like Metis School have taken their graduates to companies like Facebook, Spotify, and Apple?

They never give you a promotion

You can work for many years in a company, and they may never give you a better position. This is an example of a toxic job. If this happens to you, it’s time to ask your boss for a promotion. You have the right to do so! If they say no, it may be time to update your resume and look for new opportunities.

There are no big goals

If your company doesn’t have big goals, that may make you feel bored and unmotivated. It is not harmful to want a better job. If you are on an ambitious project, your intellectual and physical level will increase, and you will feel better in what you do. Remember that it’s all about what your future will be like.


The impact of a toxic workplace can be damaging to your life. If you have no passion for what you do, if you regret your university career, or if your bosses and colleagues are mean to you, stay away from that place! Find your best match, update your resume, get ready for the next interview … and say goodbye to your current career!


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