March 23, 2023


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See 25 photos showing the implementation of the Green Gicumbi project 18 months after its launch

By Justin Kayiranga

In 2019, the Government of Rwanda secured a funding of USD32 Million from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to implement the project entitled “Strengthening climate resilience of rural communities in Northern Rwanda”, commonly and locally referred to as the ‘Green Gicumbi Project. The project is currently being executed by the National Fund for Environment-FONERWA.

The 6-year project mainly focuses on reducing vulnerability to climate change by enhancing the adaptive capacity of the targeted groups in the project intervention area as well as reducing their exposure to climate risks. The project intervention area covers 9 Sectors that fall within Muvumba B sub-catchment comprise around 252 villages and targeting 150,000 and 380,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, respectively. The sectors covered by the project are Rubaya, Cyumba, Kaniga, Mukarange, Rushaki and Shangasha, Manyagiro, Byumba, and Bwisige.

Here below are some photos of the project’s work in the 18 months since its launch.

Radical terraces have saved farmers from erosion-related losses

Farmers are expecting an increase of productivity with the use of radical terraces

The project has a target to employ many people in Gicumbi district including youth

Bamboo to be planted on the banks of rivers



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