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The Book of Sasquatch a Quirky, Thoughtful Call for Humanity

New York, NY, November 5, 2021 — Near the town of Deception Falls (where nothing is quite as it seems) is the Hoh Forrest, home to a 9-foot tall, 800-pound wild man covered in hair who goes by the name of Sasquatch.

He is bent on seeking revenge after hunters killed his son, and he begins surveilling the unsuspecting residents of Deception Falls. Chaos ensues, until Sasquatch begins to receive mind messages from someone he does not know. The telepathic communications speak of kindness, love and caring for others, and they are coming from a nonverbal child named Christopher who has autism.

In the thought-provoking new release, The Book of Sasquatch, author Louis Conte intertwines the lives of two “outsiders” — each of whom has their own reasons to feel isolated — and delivers an imaginative story that is less about the possible existence of a primitive creature and more about modern humanity and all its warts.

With the assistance of a Chinook Shaman named Two Moons, Sasquatch comes to realize that he is now Christopher’s protector and has been chosen to bring the boy’s messages to others, even though doing so may very well expose Sasquatch and his people.

Conte is the father of two sons with autism, and he uses his personal insights to inform realistic depictions of Christopher and his overworked mother.

“I hope readers love the characters and see the value in all people, regardless of their appearances,” Conte said.

Told from Sasquatch’s wickedly humorous perspective and world view, The Book of Sasquatch is full of both darkness and hope, and is ideal for high school age readers and families impacted by autism. Its fundamental question is not whether Bigfoot truly exists. It is whether empathy, compassion and dignity still matter in a world consumed by greed and materialism.

As to whether or not the author believes in Bigfoot, he had this to say: “In The Book of Sasquatch, Christopher tells us to walk out into the woods and look at the world with our hearts open. If we do that, we will see him.”

Author Louis Conte lives in Pleasantville, New York, with his wife, Andrea, and triplet sons, Thomas, Sam and Louie. Two of his sons have autism. The Book of Sasquatch is his second novel. He is a retired law enforcement officer and now works as a polygraph examiner in New York.

The Book of Sasquatch

Publisher: City Bear Press‎

ISBN-13 ‎(paperback): 978-1-7351631-9-2

ISBN-13 (e-book): 978-1-7351631-4-7

Available from Amazon.com and CityBearPress.com

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