July 19, 2024


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World Economic Forum adds its weight to high level Cityzenith webinar prioritising building, town, and city de-carbonization

Transformation of the ‘built environment’ – our buildings, towns, and cities – is crucial to de-carbonization and fighting Climate Change. Combining within our urban areas they contribute to a staggering 70%-plus of global CO2 emissions while consuming 78% of the world’s primary energy (source UN Habitat).

Driving down such levels is the focus for a high-level webinar staged by Digital Twins pioneer Cityzenith on Tuesday March 1 ‘Localised Net Zero – Decarbonizing the Built Environment’.

Cityzenith CEO and Founder Michael Jansen will host and welcome World Economic Forum (WEF) Energy, Materials, and Infrastructure Platform Curator Oliver Tsai as a panellist, alongside Schneider Electric vice-president Vincent Minier, and Accenture Senior Manager Amirhossein Ghanbari.

They will discuss the WEF’s Net Zero Carbon Cities program and its Building Value Framework (BVF) and suggest that higher upfront costs, either real or perceived, are the most significant barrier to sustainable building investment.

But they will counter this by highlighting the value of sustainable buildings through improved efficiency and running costs – identifiable using Cityzenith’s Digital Twin technology – as well as environmental and social benefits.

WEF’s Oliver Tsai also wants the webinar to show how “Decarbonizing new and existing buildings is a critical strategy on the path to net-zero that offers tremendous potential to deliver value through a more sustainable and resilient urban ecosystem.  

“Achieving this will require a shift in how value is perceived by decision-makers in the built environment.”

Cityzenith is a WEF Top 100 partner and its CEO Michael Jansen believes the webinar can also focus on the innovation and technology now available to spearhead this much-needed urban transformation:

“Decarbonizing the built environment has been at the heart of Cityzenith since launch and the focus of our ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ (CCCF) initiative launched last year.

“Now as a group of leading voices within this space coming together for this event, we can demonstrate how multiple technologies such as Digital Twins and AI, and strategies such as the WEF Building Value Framework, can transform our international cities, urban areas and buildings for a cleaner, sustainable future.”

Through CCCF, Cityzenith has implemented its SmartWorldOS Digital Twin platform within major world cities to drive down urban emissions. Las Vegas and Phoenix are already participating members, with several other international cities expected to sign up soon.

To register for this exclusive webinar ‘Localised Net Zero – Decarbonizing the Built Environment’ taking place on Tuesday, March 1st at 1 PM Central Time (CT) please click the link here today.

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