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Unique biodiesel component plant built by Rossi Biofuel and MOL Group in Komárom

  • 50,000 tons of new biodiesel capacity per year
  • State-of-the-art technology, unique in Europe
  • 85 percent greenhouse gas savings compared to conventional fuel
  • The investment is in line with “SHAPE TOMORROW” MOL Group 2030+ Strategy

Komárom, Hungary, 11 March 2022 – The new plant of Rossi Biofuel in Komárom was inaugurated, which will significantly increase the biofuel production volume in Hungary. With this investment, MOL Group and Envien Group launched a technology in Europe that can boost greenhouse gas savings by more than 85 percent.

The advanced biodiesel plant of Rossi Biofuel Zrt. Was inaugurated, which will significantly increase the company’s annual production and the biofuel production volume in Hungary with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year. The plant is the first in Europe to use the RepCat technology of the Austrian BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH, which is highly flexible in terms of raw materials: it also allows the processing of greasy wastes of different types and origins, such as used cooking oils, trap grease, animal fats or residues from vegetable oil production. Biodiesel produced in this way is one of the most climate-friendly fuels.

“We have brought a unique technology to Europe that allows us to produce biofuel from almost any type of fats. This is a huge success for all of us, as circular economy is one of the cornerstones of MOL Group’s updated strategy. We have made a commitment to recycle waste in an efficient way, and to meet the world’s growing energy needs with increasingly sustainable solutions. Energy transition is a long and complex process, but this investment clearly shows that conventional fuels can be turned into more environmentally friendly with the right technology and by using waste” – said Oszkár Világi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MOL Group.

With the construction of the plant, the MOL Group and Envien Group, the 25-75% owners of the company, are aiming to respond to both consumer and regulatory demands: the aim is for Rossi Biofuel to comply with EU rules on renewable transportation fuels. Rossi Biofuel’s product is used as a bio-component in the production of diesel at Danube Refinery and Slovnaft refinery.

“This new modern plant is the Envien Group’s first major investment in the production of advanced biofuels, where waste is processed into useful products. In our opinion, a plant that uses waste and mainly domestic raw materials, contributes to the greenhouse gas savings of transport and at the same time boosts and stimulates the local economy and employment, a way forward and a priority for the group. Due to the Hungarian subsidies, we decided to locate the plant in our production base in Komárom, Hungary, and we are confident that this is not our last project of this kind” – said Ing. Robert Spišák, PhD., Chairman of the Board of Rossi Biofuel.

The foundation works of the €45 million brownfield plant started in June 2020. More than 15 companies were involved in the construction work, with an average of 80 workers, but at certain times it could reach 150-170 workers. The state supported the investment with interest subsidies and a corporate tax credit, which doubled the number of Rossi Biofuel employees to over 100. The new plant was inaugurated by Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Dr. Judit Bertalan Czunyiné, Member of Parliament, Ing. Robert Spišák, PhD., Chairman of the Board of Rossi Biofuel Zrt. and Dr. Oszkár Világi, Deputy CEO of the MOL Group.

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