August 12, 2022


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The US Embassy in Rwanda announces a new system to help Rwandans and people around the world to know the Air quality status in Kigali

The U.S. Embassy in Rwanda has announced that it has now installed an Air Quality Monitor on the roof of the Embassy to help Rwandans and those wishing to come to Rwanda to know about the daily status of Air Quality in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

In exclusive Interview with TOP AFRICA NEWS on Thursday, 12th May 2022, Mr. John Foster, the first tour Economic Officer at the US Embassy in Kigali said that the Air Quality Monitor stationed at the Embassy’s roof is part of the commitments of the President Biden’s administration in tackling the effects of Climate Change whether on People’s health and even on the economic aspects and the Environment in general.

Mr. John Foster who is in charge of agriculture, energy, climate, youth, and labour at the Embassy explained that “the system primarily focuses on the air quality in Kigali.

“That’s the max extent that it goes to. So, it’s just focusing on the surrounding area of Kigali. It doesn’t go out to the western province or the Eastern Province, just focused in Kigali city” He explains.

He added that the Air Quality Monitor does not mean that Rwanda doesn’t have the capability to monitor air quality, but rather a way of cooperation and good partnership that exists between the Government of Rwanda and the United States.

To access the Kigali Air Quality information, just now you can go to: to and type in Kigali.

“It runs 24 hours a day. It is stationed on top of the embassy roof and It’s able to withstand heavy rains so you can see it at all hours of the day. And again, so once you see the system, let’s just say today’s Thursday, tomorrow morning, you wake up, you can see data from now, up until the moment that you’re looking at the screen and you’ll see historical trends.” Mr. Foster explains.

TOP AFRICA NEWS’s Mr. Dusabemungu Ange de la Victoire during an Interview with Mr. John Foster, the First Economic Officer in Charge of Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Youth and labor

TOP AFRICA NEWS full Interview with John Foster will be published on Sunday, 15th May, 2022.

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