March 24, 2023


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Entrepreneurs urged to come up with Energy Efficiency Innovations that are sustainable

Mr. Malle Fofana, Director for Africa & Head of Programs at Global Green Growth Institute speaking at the event


Innovators who have been able to identify Energy Efficiency Innovative projects have been urged to always examine whether their innovations will provide sustainable solutions to avoid the potential consequences that may arise from such projects during the usage process.

The call was made on Friday, 20 May 2022 during a side event on Barriers and Solutions for Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Rwanda which was organized following the Sustainable Energy for all Forum which took place in Kigali from May, 17th-19, 2022.

Speaking at this side event, Helene Ahlborg, Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology told participants, a big number of them were young entrepreneurs from universities that “We have to think circularity in everything” to ensure sustainable energy solutions.

She gave an example of mining that will be required to produce solar panels, batteries, new grids, noting that there is a need to think about sustainable mining that is not destroying the ecosystems

“Mining that does not destroy ecosystems, has also to be sustainable to the communities around, has to provide jobs that are not only for foreign people… we need to be even more responsible in terms of the land use.” She added

Ms. Helene noted that all energy-efficient technologies should be considered but also think about their waste collection.

“We don’t want to create huge amounts of E wastes,” she said.

“This is another aspect of energy efficiency, … it’s a huge opportunity for young entrepreneurs to come up with good solutions in both those states.” Added Ms. Helene

According to Ms. Françoise Kayitare Tengera, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance, University of Rwanda, “The provision of sufficient, safe and reliable, cost efficient and environmentally appropriate energy Services to households in all public sector spaces is being prioritised in striving for Rwanda’s economic growth.”

She noted that “Energy efficiency ensures the optimised use of available resources, so that we can maintain a high level of economic growth that is based on the principles of broad-based sustainable development”

“Ensuring sustainable economic development, improving the quality of life is very important for our citizens and also facilitating the function of different critical aspects of translating research into innovative solutions that positively impact the community”, MS. Tengera added

The government of Rwanda supports the achievement of the SDG seven to ensure access to affordable reliable sustainable energy for all.

On the side of Green Growth funders, Mr. Malle Fofana, Director for Africa & Head of Programs at Global Green Growth Institutesaid that GGGI supports those entrepreneurs but also in a way that helps them to come from ideation to something more concrete by having them access to seed funding.

On the Government role, he said “the governments also have to think about what to do to accelerate the process by promoting the use of local materials and local design technology, because if they can employ that technology outside, would that be helpful for the local entrepreneurs.”

“Having the kind of incentive and policy side can be really helpful to develop Small and Medium Enterprises that will be informing all the value chain at the national level.” Mr. Malle Fofana noted.

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