July 19, 2024


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Why Technology is Critical to Inform ESG Strategy and How GCX’s Move to Hyperautomation Can Help You

Technology is not just critical – technology is the answer. GCX Global Business Development Director Andre Muzerie highlights why it is imperative that companies embrace ESG reporting technologies to future-proof their business.

With the right technology in place, companies can support ESG investment decisions with accurate reporting, drive sustainable IT, provide carbon neutral technologies, and give investors opportunities to create a path to net zero with fully transparent outcomes.

Climate tech is part of a larger movement that, driven by the rise of ESG, is being accompanied by reporting technologies that enforce robust regulations and support long-term interest. ESG is now centre stage, and businesses, investors and governments are using it to link their decisions to measurable outcomes. Those companies who fail to embrace ESG reporting technologies that enable social and environmental change risk losing the fundamental trust of their investors.

Taking ESG data seriously means leveraging the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Blockchain and utilising these to create real-time reports through hyperautomation. Investment managers can then utilise these reports to analyse how policies are impacting their ESG rating from the outset, making it easier to optimise the outcomes. 

What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation has been recognised by leading technological research and consulting firm Gartner as one of this year’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends. It combines disruptive technologies, including intelligent process automation, robotic process automation (RPA), process intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), to create an end-to-end automated solution for business users in real-time.

Hyperautomation brings a range of tools that effectively augments the human workforce in significantly more effective ways than isolated automation tools. It drives higher-level functioning from task automation to orchestration to intelligence, enabling predictive insights, guided recommendations, process mining, and adaptive decision making.

To solve hyperautomation needs holistically, a platform-based approach is imperative to streamline and maximise the capabilities of these technologies. The crux lies in bridging silos – both functional and technological – and creating an integrated platform strategy.

GCX and Newgen’s digital transformation platform provides a leading-edge solution to the full range of hyperautomation needs for ESG risk and visibility. This innovative platform enables accelerated automation of end-to-end processes, continuous improvement and process agility.

8 key benefits of hyperautomation:

1.       When properly utilised, hyperautomation can help you deliver a superior experience while ensuring continuous improvement and speed in all areas of your business and workflows.

2.       Hyperautomation lends you additional leverage by augmenting humans, ensuring that your employees, partners, and customers can collaborate productively and effectively.

3.       It connects your people, processes, systems, and things to deliver transformed experiences.

4.       Hyperautomation enables companies to orchestrate and deliver processes through holistic and intelligent process automation.

5.       It enables last-mile process automation with intelligence through robotic process automation.

6.       Drives delivery of excellent customer experience with speed.

7.       It infuses intelligence in your processes through process analytics, algorithms, content analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

8.       Hyperautomation builds an integrated and automated process fabric for your organisation through the integration of legacy and new-age technologies.

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