July 15, 2024


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Rwanda paves the way to set up Super Energy Services Company

On Monday,  the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI-Rwanda) in collaboration with the Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure organized an inception meeting with PwC India

 team to conduct detailed energy audits of 13 facilities in Rwanda. 

According to the Experts, Energy efficiency helps meet Rwanda’s NDC mitigation actions. 

“These audits are conducted as a part of the project ‘Support to set up Super ESCO (Energy Services Company) in Rwanda as a vehicle to promote Energy Efficiency.” Tweeted Dheeraj Arrabothu, Sustainability specialist at GGGI Rwanda 

The project is funded by Korea’s Ministry of Economic and Finance under the Korea Green New Deal Fund (KGNDF) established within GGGI Headquarter.

These detailed energy audits will help in coming up with a detailed market assessment of energy efficiency potential in Rwanda under the Non-Residential buildings sector.

The PwC India team will measure the performance of Transformer, Electrical system, Air Conditioner, Pumps, Electrical Motors, Lighting and Diesel Generator Sets in the 13 facilities.

Some of the equipment used by the PwC India team in conducting energy audits include Power Analyser, Digital Hygrometer, Thermal Imager, Ultrasonic flow meter, Digital Thermometer, Digital Anemometer, Lux Meter etc.

The energy audits will cover a wide range of building/facility typologies including Office, Commercial, Hotel, Healthcare, Education, Pumping stations and Street Lighting. The audit results will help to estimate energy efficiency potential in Rwanda in the Non-Residential category.

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