September 25, 2023


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DRC fighter jet violates Rwandan airspace again

The Rwandan Government has announced that “A Sukhoi-25 fighter jet from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) violated Rwandan airspace along Lake Kivu in the Western Province of Rwanda today at around 12h00 (28.12.2022), and immediately returned to the DRC.

Rwandan authorities have once again protested to the DRC Government against the violations of Rwandan airspace by DRC fighter jets.

The Government statement explains: “Today’s incident is one in a series of provocations, including a similar airspace violation that occurred on 7 November 2022, when a DRC fighter jet of the same type briefly touched down at Rubavu Airport before flying back to DRC.”

“These repeated violations are against the spirit of Luanda and Nairobi peace initiatives.” It adds

“The authorities in the DRC seem to be emboldened by consistent coddling by some in the international community who repeatedly heap blame on Rwanda for any and all ills in the DRC, while ignoring the transgressions originating from the DRC.” continued the statement

“These provocations must stop.” It concludes.

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