April 20, 2024


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Medical Doctors from Rwandan and US Armies Provide Free Medical Treatment in Rwamagana and Kayonza

A team of medical doctors from the Rwandan Army, in collaboration with their counterparts from the United States Army, have commenced a ten-day medical treatment and surgery program for the residents of Rwamagana and Kayonza District, free of charge.

The initiative kicked off on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, and is set to take place at the Rwamagana, Gahini, and Mwulire health centers in Rwamagana District.

The Mayor of Rwamagana District, Mbonyumuvunyi Radjab, expressed his delight at the event, highlighting the community’s anticipation for such activities by the Rwandan Army. He emphasized the importance of providing medical services to the residents, ensuring that they receive timely and efficient care.

Dr. Placide Nshizirungu, the Director General of Rwamagana Hospital, also voiced his excitement at the collaboration with specialist doctors from the army.

He acknowledged the limited number of specialists at the hospital, which often resulted in patients being referred to other facilities.

With the additional support from the military doctors, he expressed confidence in being able to cater to more patients effectively.

The medical team comprises specialists in various fields such as dentistry, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, diabetes, cardiology, otolaryngology, among others.

Their presence is expected to alleviate the healthcare burden on the local facilities and provide much-needed medical assistance to the residents of Rwamagana and Kayonza.

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