April 19, 2024


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EU-Funded Kungahara Project to Benefit Thousands of Farmers in Rwanda

Approximately 6,000 potato, fruit, and vegetable farmers in the Musanze and Nyabihu Districts of Rwanda are poised to reap the benefits of the EU-funded Kungahara Project. With a budget of around Rwf 1.2 billion, this initiative aims to assist farmers in increasing both the quality and quantity of their production.

The project will provide support to farmers in various aspects, including soil testing for appropriate crop selection, determining fertilizer requirements, establishing post harvesting facilities, connecting farmers to markets, and enhancing their agricultural knowledge.

Rugamba Eddy Frank, the Country Program Coordinator for Kungahara project in Rikolto in Rwanda, emphasized the importance of sustainable farming practices.

He stated, “Through the Project we want to preserve the land, which is a vital heritage for future generations.”

“By teaching farmers about organic fertilizers and proper crop parameters, we can ensure sufficient production without compromising health.” He added

Furthermore, Frank highlighted the project’s alignment with the government’s goal of achieving food security and sustainable land management.

Rugamba Eddy Frank, the Country Program Coordinator for Kungahara project in Rikolto

He expressed confidence that the initiative would not only enhance agricultural productivity but also contribute to the overall development of Rwandan communities.

Local farmers have welcomed the Kungahara Project as a solution to their previous challenges.

Hakuzimana Serugendo Jotham from Nyabihu District shared his optimism, stating, “With the knowledge and resources that will be provided through this project, we can overcome challenges we have been facing and increase our agricultural output significantly.”

Nyirasafari Annonciatha from Musanze District echoed Jotham’s sentiments, expressing excitement about the potential for improved crop yields and increased profits from marketable produce.

The District Officials have lauded the Kungahara Project for its potential to drive agricultural development.

Habanabakize Jean Claude, the Vice Mayor of Nyabihu District in charge of the Economic Development, emphasized the importance of modern farming techniques and enhanced production through knowledge sharing and resource access.

The project, which will operate for three years in Musanze and Nyabihu Districts, aims to collaborate with various stakeholders to support thousands of farmers, cooperatives, fertilizer processors, dealers, and value-added industries.

With funding from the European Union through Rikolto and Implemented by Kilimo Trust and ADECOR, the project is expected to not only boost agricultural productivity but also improve the consumption of sustainable, healthy and nutritious foods in Rwanda.

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