Role of France in Rwanda: Macron’s letter to the commission

French media RFI and Le Monde have exclusively published letter of mission addressed to the French historian Vincent Duclert, president of the commission charged by Emmanuel Macron to throw light on the role of Paris during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi

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Twenty-five years after the genocide in Rwanda, French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday (April 5th) appointed a commission of experts and historians. They are responsible for examining the French archives to establish the precise role of France in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994.

At the beginning of April, more than 280 academics, teachers and intellectuals had signed a petition denouncing the composition of the future commission.

The French historian Vincent Duclert, inspector of National Education, specialist in the teaching of genocide, will chair this commission. He told RFI the letter sent to him by the Élysée, signed by Emmanuel Macron.

“I hope that this 25th anniversary marks a real break in the way in which France apprehends and teaches the genocide of the Tutsi, oriented towards a better taking into account of the pain of the victims and the aspirations of the survivors”, writes in particular the French president, which asks the commission set up “to offer a critical look of historian on the sources consulted”.

For this purpose, the members of the commission will benefit “exceptionally, personally and confidentially, from a procedure of authorization of access and consultation of all the French archival documments concerning Rwanda, between 1990 and 1994 “Says Emmanuel Macron.

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