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Researchers Meet in Kigali to Present findings on Genocide

Panel discussion on Trauma, Inter-generational & Family Issues

Researchers from various countries are meeting in Kigali from 23rd May to 24th May 2019 to present Research findings on various topics on the Genocide and its aftermath.

The conference which was organized by AEGIS Trust through its Research, Policy & Higher Education Department (RPHE) is held under the theme “Claiming a space in ‘Rwanda Studies’ and influencing domestic policies: Contributions of Rwandan researchers to knowledge production on peace building.”

The Regional Director of AEGIS Trust Mutanguha Freddy said that “The findings covered various topics including trauma, Genocide and Reconciliation process, so those researches were finalized and today are being presented.”

The Regional Director of AEGIS Trust Mutanguha Freddy

He added that the Very interesting findings are that recommendations that will be provided will contribute a lot in the improvement of policies in the country.

“We hope that the findings that came from this research will help policymakers to improve their work but also the research findings show the evidences of what happened in this country, especially in the Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi and this will inform teachers, students and whoever is interested to understand what happened to this country, to have those facts and also to formulate the truth of what happened in our country.” Mutanguha told the media in an Interview.

The Conference will end on Friday and among topics that are on the table include Justice and Reconciliation, Gender in reconstruction politics as well as the launch of Distant Justice by Dr. Phil Clark


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