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Rwanda’s “Museums Hunters”, A Generation Seeking to learn Motherland History by Facts

President Paul Kagame and his Forces in the bush

By: Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

A group of young boys and girls decided to do whatever possible to know the true history of Rwanda through visits to different historical sites of the country.

Named 250 Explorers or again “Museums Hunters”, the group seeks to know the real history of Rwanda so that they are able to share much on it with facts.

TOPAFRICANEWS Reporter has met members of the Group on Saturday, 6th July, 2019 at the National Liberation Park Museum located in Rwanda’s Northern Province near the border with Uganda where the 250 Explorers purposefully visited to learn more about Rwanda’s Liberation Struggle.

Speaking to TOPAFRICANEWS, Nyacyesa Juru Jesse, the Founder of the 250 Explorers explained that “The reason why we have created the Group 250 Explorers is that we are the youth and all we need is just to know the real history of our people, the history of our country as we see the progression of the country there should be a why and where it started from because it didn’t fall from the sky.”

The Group started from visiting the Campaign against Genocide Museum where to learn about the struggle of liberating the country and stopping Genocide in Kigali.

The Founder of 250 Explorers

Nyacyesa added “The next we moved to the Arts Museum, the former Habyalimana’s Home and after we visited Ntarama Genocide Memorial.

The Group is composed mainly by youth who are eager to learn their history, to know what happened to their country and most of them use Twitter.

“Our purpose is to visit all museums in Rwanda and then to know what happened with facts and then we move with the rest of Visit Rwanda like places that are tourists’ attractions. By now we are almost 80 people and most of them are students especially youth and we are still receiving other people, we need everyone who is eager to learn their History, they are most welcome.” Nyacyesa said

After visiting the National Liberation Museum Park, those who spoke to this website expressed their feelings and what should be their decisions after learning about the Liberation Struggle.

Constance Mukarubuga

What I learnt from this trip is the history of the country, I learnt about H.E Paul Kagame by the time he fought for the country, for the Peace of the citizens and for the people of Rwanda to get liberated.

On Liberation we learn what happened 25 years ago and what I was really looking from here. My decision is to be part of the people who are fighting for each other to support peace in the country as well as to engage people in peace discussions.

Natasha Mutangana

I am part of the 250 Explorers, we come here to visit the Liberation Museum and we have learned a lot. We learnt how people started a war in 1990 and came to liberate our country and it was such a great sacrifice.

We cannot understand it from just stories but we have come to this place and we have learned about how they sacrificed their time and collaborating with other people and we salute them.

From this place I have learned that it takes a decision to go protect your country, fight for it to make sure your people are peaceful and the country as well.

   Murenzi Kirenga Arsene

I have learned so much from Liberation Museum apart from what we have learnt from The Campaign against Genocide Museum. Most of what I learned is that Rwanda Patriotic Army has done a lot to liberate Rwanda.

They were so intelligent from their tactics up to the success. This is where the High Command was. President Paul Kagame was living here until he marched the Army to Kigali and other parts of the country. After visiting this museum my decision is to love my country.

Why youth need to visit Museums

The Government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board has been doing a lot to encourage Rwandans to visit various historical sites in the country as well as enjoy the beauty of their country.

However it is said most of the visitors come abroad comparing to nationals.

With the recent Visit Rwanda Campaign, youth are leading the initiative to bring Rwandans also on board to visiting their motherland.

Philemon Mugabo, Guide at Mulindi based Liberation Museum said “The Message I would like to give to the most of youth in Rwanda and even neighboring countries and International youth who would want to know much about Rwanda is that they should visit museums.”


He added that “Museums have got a lot of message from different experts who can make people know what really happened and people should not actually think that this country has no background.”

“It has got the background; it has got its history so they should visit museums because there is full of message on what they doubt about. Particularly here they will know how RPA forces liberated the country. They will know about the Liberation of Rwanda and about how the Genocide against Tutsi was stopped.” He concluded.

Pictorial of the Visit



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