Thu. Dec 12th, 2019


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Kagame launches smart phone factory in Rwanda

Rwandan President Paul Kagame Monday officiated the launch of Mara Phones manufacturing plant, which will make smartphones in the country.

The first ‘made in Rwanda’ phones rolled off the assembly line last week, the presidency said, through a partnership with Mara Group.

President Kagame said that the factory is the latest addition to “our ongoing partnership with Mara Group and shows this company’s confidence in the business prospects of our country and the wider region.”

Kagame was quoted saying on the presidency twitter the smartphone is no longer a luxury item but it is rapidly becoming a requirement of everyday life and the production of smart phone in the country will contribute to increase services delivered on digital platforms.

President Kagame valued the investment by Mara Phones Group is that goes in harmony with the country’s focus on science and technology, as the key drivers of our economic transformation.

“I am pleased that Mara is committed to partnering with Rwanda’s educational and training institutions to ensure that workers acquire the necessary skills to succeed. This should be the model for collaboration between industry and the education sector in our country.” He said.

“Mara aims to export phones within our region as well, and this is very important. As such, this partnership has a significance that goes beyond the particular facility we are launching today, or the phone that it produces. We will work to ensure that Mara Group’s investment is commercially successful, which is also to our benefit”, he added.


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