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Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure Unveils Clean Water facility to Nyamata residents

State Minister Germaine Kamayirese as she launches Clean Water facility to serve Nyamata residents

As part of the 24th Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, the State Minister for Water and Energy in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Germaine Kamayirese unveils, on Friday, 25th May 2018, clean water facility to residents of Rutobotobo village in Nyamata Sector of Bugesera District, in the Eastern province of Rwanda.

20 families, Genocide Survivors are living in Rutobotobo Village, Murama Cell of Nyamata Sector.

State Minister Germaine Kamayirese as she launches Clean Water facility to serve Nyamata residents

The Clean Water facility launch followed the visit to Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre where the State Minister and all employees of the Ministry and its agencies laid wreath of remembrance on the Burial site which is a home to more than 45 thousands Tutsis killed during the Genocide.

Eng. Ron WEISS, The CEO of Rwanda Energy Group placing flowers on the burial site

After the visit and launch of clean water facility as well as visiting one of the Genocide Survivors living in Rutobotobo Village, the employees led by Minister Germaine Kamayirese joined local community in an interactive session which was marked by testimonial moments and comforts speeches.

In her speech, Minister Germaine Kamayirese pledges continuous Support to Nyamata Genocide Survivors while at the same time called for a rule of strong and sustainable unity among residents.

The Genocide in Nyamata has left many families homeless, others living with corporeal and emotional wounds.

In her speechless testimonies, Mukarumanzi Claudette narrated her ordeal events during the Genocide in which she was shot several times, cut with machetes, buried alive and many more events that she said “I can’t speak about that you are mature you know what I want to mean”,

Mukarumanzi Claudette survived several attacks during the Genocide. She was buried alive by killers and later she was rescued by the Rwanda Patriotic Army now Rwanda Defense Forces

However after all, she thanks the Rwanda Patriotic Army for the liberation of this country adding that “My special gratitude goes to President Paul Kagame who re-established calm in this country and brought in good cohesion among Rwandans where many of Tutsis were willing to revenge against Hutus who killed their parents, children and other family members.”

After the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis, the Government of Rwanda has put more resources in uniting and rebuilding trust among Rwandans while at the same time rebuilding infrastructures across the country.

Today Rwanda is developing very fast and many international reports ranks Rwanda among the countries with the fastest economic growth.

The Government is constructing the Bugesera International Airport which residents of Nyamata said to be a good sign of how the country is developing fast despite challenges left by the Genocide.

Also Walk to remember was organized as part of this commemoration activities
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