August 12, 2022


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PHOTOS&VIDEO: Second Edition of European Street Fair takes Place in Kigali

This Saturday, June 9th, 2018 in Kigali, a very symbolic day for Europeans living and working in Rwanda and Friends of Europe in the Country, was marked by various events accompanied by modern African dances, European Cuisine, exhibitions of the arts composed by drawn objects and Photos and a very important show to the Visitors interested to know the services and activities of the EU member countries represented in Rwanda.


The Event which takes place at Kigali Car Free Zone, in downtown, was organized by a delegation of the European Union and EU embassies in Kigali, as part of the annual Europe Day celebrations.

The fair attracted thousands of Rwandans and members of the international community for a half day of fun, games, music and opportunity to learn more about the EU’s work in Rwanda.

Speaking to, Flora Kayitesi, the Communication Manager at the European Union in Rwanda, said this is a continuity of the Europe Day previously celebrated in Kigali.

“We organize the European Street Fair Every year, this is the Second Edition, and last year we had another one. We celebrate it as part of a Banner that we call “Days of Europe”. Under the days of Europe, we have Europe Day celebrated on the 5th of May, and celebrates peace and prosperity in Europe.” Kayitesi said.

She added that “Usually Europe Day is an official event. So we sat down and we thought how we can involve the Rwandan Community. So we decided a street fair where we can have members of European Union that have Embassies in Kigali. We hold a street fair to showcase or to create awareness about what the European Union does in Rwanda.”

European Countries represented in Rwanda are Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden.

EU Delegations represent the European Union around the world. The role of the EU Delegation to Rwanda is to support the development of relations between Rwanda and the EU.

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