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VIDEO-NRS moves to Eradicate all forms of delinquency in Rwanda (KINY)

Group Photo after the Graduation of 63 Former Street-Children

The Rwandan Government has set aside more than three billion Rwandan francs to be used in its mission to eradicate all forms of delinquency behavior by inculcating positive behaviors, educating and providing professional skills to these Groups of people most of them are below 18 years old.

This was announced this Thursday, June 7, 2018 by the Rwandan authorities during the second graduation of former Street-children who have been undertaking special education at Gitagata Rehabilitation Center in Bugesera District, Eastern Province. WATCH THIS KINYARWANDA INTERVIEW WITH Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba (State Minister for Social Affairs in MINALOC and BOSENIBAMWE AIME, DG of National Rehabilitation Service (NRS)

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