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Rubengera: Potters claim assistance to improve their living conditions

The Kabuga Village Potters, Bubazi Cell, Rubengera Sector in Karongi District, say they have heard that other potters living in other districts of the country receive government assistance to assist them in economic development.

They demand that the District Social Welfare Department have such support to recover them from the poverty.

A reporter from the online newspaper Umuseke reports that these Rwandans have trouble getting over the poverty line.

They sleep on the straw, their clothes serve as bed sheets. A family of nine are huddled together in a small house made of one bed and only one room.

“That’s the way we live. “said Daphrose Mukakarori, one of Rubengera’s Potters.

She said that once the authorities visited them, noticed that they sleep on clothes, they promised mattresses, but they have not act since then.

“We heard that some receive money from the Vision Umurenge Program, VUP, the other livestock to raise, but to us nothing at all,” she continues.

“I have three beds, all on a bench. Would you say that this state helps us in any way? “, She asks?

Local authorities disagree.

The Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs of the District, Mukashema Drocella, said that they visited these Rwandans and that they relocated some of them.

Rukesha Emile, Executive Secretary of the Rubengera Sector, believes that the state has done everything to accompany them.

“They have received assistance of all kinds, but we must persevere in raising awareness to enhance their design, because they waste the help they receive,” he said.

Some have demolished houses built for firewood, others have sold some materials. Yet they would like to be seen and considered as other Rwandans in their own right and no longer want nicknames that stick to them.

“When we say that we have remained a backward social group, we wonder when we can take off and move forward with others in society. We are outcasts, “Nathalie Nyangoma complains with humor.

For Byaruhanga Anastase, if the state has banned all kinds of discrimination, they should no longer be called anything other than “Rwandan”.

“I would like to hear myself called Rwandan citizen like others. But to be called indigenous, backward, it makes believe that it is another very despicable ethnic group, “he said.

Research has shown that a great step has yet to be taken towards the well-being of this category of people so that they are treated like other Rwandans.

It showed that of the 235 people surveyed (potters / Batwa), 123, or 52.3% of them have never set foot in school, 41.3% have attended primary school, 5.1 % high school, 0.9 in technical and vocational schools, while only one person has reached university level.

The same report also shows that 67.7% are in the 1st Ubudehe social category, while only 25.1% have access to the Girinka Munyarwanda program, that of offering a cow to a poor Rwandan family. Only 17.1% of them benefited from the help of the Vision Umurenge Program.

Those who attended Education For All are estimated at 56%, while 13.3% work with banks and other microfinance institutions, while 41.7% have decent homes.


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