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Kigali: The village where mysterious stones poured on the houses?

Villagers in Agatare village, in Kinyinya sector in the City of Kigali, are panicked after their neighbors have continuously claimed that mysterious stones have been thrown at their homes.

The panic started two weeks ago after one of the families alerted officials that every day mysterious stones are thrown on the house he bought from a neighbor who has relocated to another place.

TOPAFRICANEWS reporter has learnt that suspects were arrested and since then the mysterious stones are no longer thrown on the house.

Citizens said those stones are mysterious because they can’t trace their origin.

One, Leodomir told TOPAFRICANEWS that “We have seen stones and even we have called officials to eyewitness that kinds of stones, some people were arrested and after three days those stones are no longer thrown.”

However, on Monday, June 24, 2019, another resident of the same village appealed for the intervention after, he says, the whole night until morning, mysterious stones have been pouring on his home.

At the arrival on the scene, TOPAFRICANEWS’s reporter heard that other two local journalists were on the scene from the morning searching for that news which is still making sense to our readers.

In an interview with residents said “We have been here from the morning. We were told that from last night until today morning stones whose origins are unknown have been thrown on this house, but we can’t be sure of who is throwing those stones.”

Munyemana Frodouard, 35 years old, also known us Mukoboyi, the home owner told security agents that “Probably the stones are coming from Kayonza (Kibungo), Eastern province where the family of his housemaid live.”

It is said that the 17 years old girl is the centre of the problem as the homeowner said probably the parents of that young girl don’t want her to work at Munyemana’s home so they have sent those “mysterious stones” to destabilize that home until the girl returns home.

The girl denied such allegations saying that “Even God knows, we don’t have demons at home.”

Local officials told TOPAFRICANEWS that after being informed they have taken away the young girl together with the homeowner for further investigations.

After minutes away the stones stopped.

Mysteriously again local officials haven’t seen those stones being thrown rather they saw them where they were gathered as the evidence.

Ruzindana Gilbert, the Chief of Agatare Village demonstrates to our reporters signs which show that the said mysterious stone were thrown by someone from that home.

One by one, Ruzindana took the stone one another showing our reporter with facts saying “Look, this one was taken from this cooking stove (imbabura), the other one from this place, and so on…”

Residents said they need to be assured on their security since it is the second time people claiming mysterious stones being thrown on their homes.

Others told TOPAFRICANEWS may be a mysterious priest can pray for their village to avoid drastic impacts on that village.

Contacted on the matter, Rwabukumba Umuhoza, the Executive Secretary of Kinyinya Sector told this website that she has also received such information and they are still investigating the matter.

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