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Kamonyi District launches the 16 days of activism in fighting GBV

In collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Gender Promotion, the National Women Council, Kamonyi District has launched a 16 days campaign of fighting against gender based violence.

The launch took place in Musambira Sector this November 25, 2019 with the key message of fighting child sexual abuse as cases are soaring.

Since January 2019, 1506 cases of GBV were registered all over the country with 242 cases of child abuse among children under five years; 780 cases of children aged between 11 and 17and 302 of over 18 years old.

Particularly in Kamonyi District, 22 cases of child sexual abuse reported to prosecution in the last three months with 7 cases this month only.

“These numbers show us that the problem is alarming and we have to do as much as possible to find the solution. We have to make a great effort in preventing gender based violence particularly in reporting child sex offenders” Ignatienne Nyirarukundo, Minister of State of the Ministry of Local Government in charge of Social Affairs, said.

The former legislator insisted that consequences of child sexual abuse must not only be to victims but the offenders should also succumb to them.

If the offender gets a monthly salary, the alimony could be taken from his/her gross salary, she said.

She called the children to take preventive measures and urged parents, guardians to timely help them to visit the health facilities for help once they are sexually abused.

Ignatienne Nyirarukundo, Minister of State of the Ministry of Local Government in charge of Social Affairs

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) received 3060 cases related to child sexual violence in 2017-2018. Over 2996 were reported to the prosecution. In 2018-2019 rose to over 400 cases.

Among the challenges of combating gender based violence include gender inequality among married couples, women fearing to report the cases to competent authorities.

Kamonyi District Mayor, Alice Kayitesi

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