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Rwanda: Pascal Technology, Altron sign $ 18 million investment partnership to connect motorcyclists to GPS trackers

Pascal Technology, Altron sign $ 18 million investment partnership to connect motorcyclists to GPS trackers

By DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire

Pascal Technology, a Rwandan innovative information technology company and South African’s Altron Technology Company have signed an investment partnership worth $ 18 million to spur the use of GPS tracking devices among commercial motorcyclists in Rwanda.

The signing of the partnership took place in Kigali on Monday, 2nd December 2019.

According to the officials from both companies, the $ 18 million will be used to outgrow the number of motorcycles with GPS trackers as well as to buy those devices and their operationalization.

Pascal Ndizeye, the Chief Executive Officer of Pascal Technology Ltd reveals that “These devices are expansive for instance the smartphone we use for motorcycle communications! The smartphone is water-resistant; it can’t break easily, and can’t be affected by dust as well.”

He added that with the available investment by January 2020, there will be 10,000 connected motorcycles in the city of Kigali only and the cost will be over $ 2 million.

“The initial stage eyes to connect about 36,000 motorcycles which will need more money.” Ndizeye explains.

The signing took place in Kigali on 2nd December 2019

The Technologies that are expected to take over the traditional commercial motorcyclists control will cost a lot of resources as explained by officials.

“Equipping a motorcycle we will need a device itself, a GPS, a software, operations, offices and Employees.” Ndizeye noted.

The CEO added that the business itself is going to create more opportunities across the country.

“Because we are creating employment across the country, we cannot do it from the headquarter in Kigali, so we have to employ the people in each district and this means that we will need a minimum of four people in offices and we will need huge technicians to install those devices..”

He added that they will need a large team in Kigali Call Center in order to help in monitoring and providing quick services and interventions whenever it is necessary.

The Ministry of Infrastructures says what is remaining now is the use of the devices which is different from the past when obstacles hindered the usage progress.

“We are not going to chase motor away riders; however those who will not comply with what we ask them, there are measure to be taken.” Said Francois Zirikana, a Safety and Licensing Senior Engineer in the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The devices will help in monitoring movement of people who use motorcycles, tracking lawbreakers, safety and insurance monitoring for all motorcyclists where those who will be identified for lack of insurance for instance will not be allowed to operate, among many others.

Ndizeye Pascal, CEO of Pascal Technology Ltd and Ike Dube, Managing Director for Altron Rest of Africa

Ike Dube, Managing Director for Altron Rest of Africa told TOPAFRICANEWS that the company has decided to partner with Pascal Technology after partnership talks initiated by Pascal Technology and based on Rwanda’s vision 2020 and beyond they found that there is a need to support the country’s ambitious initiatives which are in line with the Technological era.


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