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TOPAFRICANEWS Public Relations’statement on #COVID 19

Kigali, 10th April 2020: The Africa News Digest Ltd via its famous News website (www.topafricanews.com) has joined the global campaign against the spread of deadly COVID 19 Virus.

Since the outbreak, TOPAFRICANEWS never stopped spreading the updated news on Crona Virus from across the continent.

The Management of TOPAFRICANEWS.COM takes into consideration the magnitude of possible tragic impacts of COVID 19 on almost all sectors of life.

It is against this background that the popular website has decided to use its main ads banner for campaign against the spread of Corona Virus.

“We all know that the survival of a media house depends on paid ads especially those ones placed on main banner. We decided to dedicate this most important part of our business to messages related to COVID 19 prevention, “The company announced on its Twitter handle.

TOPAFRICANEWS.COM was established in 2018 to bring quality Media services to public and private institutions willing to communicate via this channel.

It publishes Press releases distributed by APO free of charge.

However, the company’s Founder, Mr. Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU said that after a while “We are going to start charging some Publicity contents as well as advertorial contents to be able to stay in the media business.”

Statistics has shown that the company’s biggest audience locates in Rwanda, followed by USA, Uganda, India, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, France and many other European and Asia Countries.

For more information contact: info@topafricanews.com

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