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Rwanda: Study reveals why rural families need continuous Support to fully involve in their Children Education

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A new study conducted in the rural area in the Southern province of Rwanda and published in the International Journal of Contemporary Applied Researches Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2020 has revealed that there a need for continuous support to rural families in order to be able to take full involvement in their Children’s Education.

The Study which is likely to help the Ministry of Education was conducted in Shyogwe Sector in Muhanga District by two Rwandan scholars namely Cyprien TABARO and Jeanne d’ Arc Uwamahoro from the Department of Humanities and Language Education. School of Education, University of Rwanda-College of Education.

The study which was also presented in San Francisco, USA by the Authors aimed at analyzing parental involvement in children‟s education in Rwanda with a particular focus to vulnerable families from Shyogwe Sector in Muhanga District where the research was conducted.

The Abstract part of this study reads as follows: “The study utilized mixed methods that integrated both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A questionnaire was administrated to parents while interviews were conducted with school administrators and teachers while focus group interviews were conducted with children from Mbare primary school and G.S Shyogwe.”

It adds that “The results of this study indicated that a big number of parents of Shyogwe sector try to get involved in their children’s education, but at moderate level. This implies that, even if there are many challenges faced by vulnerable families, they do their best to help their children. Therefore, it is important to support these parents, make them be aware of the importance of their participation in their children‟ education, hence, move to a high level supporting their children.”

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Since, there was an intension of finding solutions to pointed out various items in the interview aimed to come up with such solutions, and respondents suggest the following:

  • Parents need to be motivated and regularly sensitised to understand the role of their involvement in children’ s education, facilitate them to conduct small scale projects to get financial means in order to buy school materials of their children.
  • Help the parents to change their mindset and stay in touch with the school authorities and teachers of their children. Help parents to get family basic needs and capacity.
  • Help parents to satisfy the basic needs of their families.
  • To provide advocacy to vulnerable parents, provide school materials to children from vulnerable families, motivate and encourage frequently parents to be involved in their children’s education, etc.
  • It should be better if parents are motivated to: help children revise the lesson, provide school visit frequently, motivate children to read books, buy enough school materials on time, help their children to do homework, attend school meeting and other volunteering association, save money/have culture of saving, change parents’ mindset.
  • Parents should be sensitised in order to understand the role of being involved in their children’ s education and it is necessary to support parents for being able to buy and pay school materials.

In few words, it is observed that parents in Shyogwe sector as rural area of Muhanga District which may display the whole image of rural areas in Rwanda; parents face a lot of challenges in giving hand to their children’ education.

Much advocacy is still needed for parents to be aware of their role in their children education. They also need some trainings and mainly support in improving their living conditions.

4. Parental involvement in children’s education in Rwanda A case study of vulnerable families from Shyogwe Sector in Muhanga District


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