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Young People speak about effects of COVID 19 and How their planned activities stalled


Probably you are a graduate or you should have graduated few days ago or in the few days ahead but there is no hope your much-awaited day will not happen due to the effects of COVID 19. You are asking yourself many questions around COVID 19 and the future of the Schools and how will they look like?

Again, and again you want to know if Will we obliged to wear facemasks and avoid our socialization as self-protection from COVID 19 contamination? Or Corona Virus will end totally and no need for uncertainties for the future class?

Of course such questions are among our thoughts and when it comes to the Salesian Education one can ask more questions on how our young people will look like during our oratory activities which are parts of the Salesians pastoral approach that has proved to be important to the quality of Education which also touch spiritual and physical parts of the young people.

The Corona virus pandemic has forced our education and oratory infrastructures to close. We used to have so many young people around us in sports, prayers and inside the class.

But today, we are not physically together but spiritually together. You may ask yourself how your peers are feeling at home? How have been affected by the COVID 19 confinement? Do they feel like me?

We have all felt challenged, moved to think about what didn’t happen and we are asking how our life will resume once the outbreak is gone.

“I am a student at Gatenga, I am pursuing the Senior Six, level five, in Hotels and Hospitality. The outbreak has affected us in various way. As you can see, we were about completing our secondary studies but it happened that it was not possible. We felt down but again we can’t remain in that mood. We must also revise our courses from home.”

The young girl emphasizes that home learning should be done bearing in mind that at any time the outbreak can end and we can return at school.

Such hope is one that Father Innocent Gatete, the Director of Don Bosco Gatenga addressed to young people on Monday after a charity activity conducted in the school’s premises in Gatenga.

While speaking to young people who are complying with the COVID 19 prevention measures, Father Gatete, Salesian, assured young people that Corona Virus epidemic is under control so that bothering is not a solution rather Learning spirit should remain.

“Don’t be afraid. This is the epidemic which is under control and soon we will be back to school, and our oratory services will resume again.” Father Gatete, a salesian of Don Bosco who head also the union of Directors of the Schools in Rwanda told young people on Monday.


 “While you are at home, revise your lessons, follow radio and TV learning programs.” He advised.

On the other side, the epidemic deprived us the joyful moment that we use to experience while attending oratorio services in the Salesian centres.

Niyitegeka Moise, sport trainer at Gatenga youth Centre said that on the side of the trainers, much have been missed. A cloud of young people enjoying the sport are no longer there and he added:

“The biggest challenges that we faced especially as young people, the epidemic slowed our speed and prevent us from achieving our planned activities and some projects of youth have stalled, the Government programs for youth have been postponed. Really there are a lot that didn’t happen as expected and are likely to have negative impacts on the development.”

However, this young trainer believes that with tangible measures in place there is a hope for a better tomorrow.

“As youth, there is what we can do at home in order to make sure that once activities are resumed, we don’t start from zero rather we need to be active and once that time comes then we will catch up immediately.” He added.




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