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Mfuranzima Fred serving in the way to re-imagine the future of Africa in his new book ” a speech demanding future”


Mfuranzima Fred a young Rwandan born author, poet, artist, social entrepreneur, activist and the founder of Imfura Heritage Rwanda Ltd has concluded his new poetic novel;” A speech demanding future”

At his 23 years old; young author with 3 books published yet has started his own publishing house through his company Imfura Heritage Rwanda Ltd that he hopes to publish Rwandan stories, poems and history in order to promote literature.

He has started with his new poetic book “A speech demanding future” which is on the spot in the Kigali city.

“A speech demanding future” is a poetic book of 66 pages, written in English and story based upon the life of African youth current experience and its  copy price is 10$.

It identifies the reason behind Africa’s youth behavior, examine its nature and see how it evolves. The ancient wisdom and modern psychology. As on its top is written that the book is ‘ the inspiration of every youth un-written’.

This book had been written and edited during Covid 19 lockdown. In the book; Mfuranzima Fred requested on page 23 second paragraph that ” However, the youth have plenty energy, ideas, vitality, great imagination and capacities must be developed in order to thoroughly move from childhood to adulthood and be able to hold responsibilities and play determining roles in the society”

Also expressed why there’s a fear of the future among the youth in Africa on page 10, fourth paragraph “in the under developed countries also, young generation, we’re feeling disgruntled because our visions of happy future are being obliterated either by internal strife or political opportunism. This provokes the youth to protest against rampant corruption in society and the denial of social justice” Mfuranzima Fred

He wrote that ” If we look at us ( Youth ) today in the light of foregoing, it will be apparent that it’s not the young alone to blame for the of mind in which we see  them’ in the book trying to explain his motif of the book stated; “ there’s no problem with us engaging in discourse at a global level, but I feel it is important for us to exert more of our time and energy on issues that affect our continent and our people.”

As Ex-African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka is quoted in the book saying ” to the youth here, I want to tell you that Africa should wake up to the reality that the solution to our problems is here on the continent” as well as H.E Paul Kagame President of Rwanda added in the conversation quoted ” if we don’t develop it in our culture and mindset, that all these things we’re trying to achieve are good for us and that we’re not doing anything for us ( Africans) everything will come to waste.

The poem in the book express feelings and emotions of young people from Africa especially according to the author experience and his continental friends and colleagues. As the book says; at 20-page last paragraph; ” human development is about to create opportunities and building a person’s ability to innovate and the entrepreneurial. Significant investment needs to go towards this.

The growth in Africa’s population presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial innovations and ideas to be implemented. It does, however require strong political will to enable the right environment to be created to encourage these ideas and for entrepreneurs to be supported their different stages of growth, from start up, early stages right through becoming large corporations.

Mfuranzima Fred said ‘ If I can get support to make this industry and my career big, I would love to make difference. Because I need to serve the community using literature, arts, writing and poetry to re-imagine the future, build bridges, foster understanding, to develop empathy, to express feelings, to build self-confidence, to learn how to be flexible and open minded, to be exposed to different ideas and learn to listen to the views of others moreover to tell our stories and history.

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