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Gasabo: RPF Women and youth commit to helping their peers as COVID 19 delayed their Projects progress

Rwanda: The RPF Inkotanyi Women’s and Youth wing in Gasabo District in collaboration with various agencies are providing support and training to youth and women whose projects were heavily affected by COVID-19 epidemic.

Leaders of the RPF Inkotanyi-affiliated Women’s and Youth Arm in Gasabo have pointed out that some of the poverty problems have been caused by the effects of COVID-19, which has left many in the private sector bankrupt, while others have almost annulled their projects.

This was revealed on October 25, 2020, during a training course for youth and women entrepreneurs in Gasabo to help them meet their projects goals.

Rugera Jeannette, the head of the RPF Inkotanyi-affiliated Women Section in Gasabo District, told media that some women were affected by the effects of COVID-19, especially those engaged in small businesses.

“We have a plan to help these women, to empower them, to reach out to them and to teach them and direct them on the right way to recover from the effects of COVID 19,” she said.

Rugera said there was an initiative called “One Hundred Women” where they helped 100 women who were given an investment of Rwf100,000 each to start a small business.

Munyurangabo Evode, the leader of the RPF Inkotanyi Youth section in Gasabo District, said that the youth still had a problem due to the effects of COVID-19 which delayed their projects.

“The youth had been involved in various activities such as agriculture, animal husbandry or any other way to improve their livelihoods, all of which were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. So now young people are looking for ways to break free from these barriers so that they can continue to thrive. That’s why this training is meant to help them develop. ” He said.

Participants in the RPF Inkotanyi Women’s and Youth workshop were encouraged to create jobs as a pillar of national development.



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