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GEW2020 Botswana: Hooza Media Founder explains why Start Ups need to use Social media

As more and more people are getting into entrepreneurship, especially for young people, it is important that they understand how to advertise their services so that the number of customers increases the same as the business brand.

However, there are many people who feel that advertising is expensive due to the fact that the only way they think one can use to advertise is radio while as the use of the Internet is increasingly reaching among many people there are also other media channels that can be used to communicate or sell their services to the targeted audience.

Hooza Media CEO, Victor Nkindi explained that using social media is a matter of innovation where the social media users must first understand the audience or targeted group adding that for Start-ups, it will become easier to interact with the public in an innovative and customer attractive way.

Victor Nkindi, Media Expert and Entrepreneur from Rwanda as well as CEO at Hooza Media  was Speaking at Global Entrepreneurship Week Botswana part of GEW2020 events on Friday, November 20, 2020, alongside with. Ex Miss Botswana and brand entrepreneur Malebogo Marumoagae and Keletso Mo, Media Expert and Entrepreneur from Botswana.

The session focuses on the topic of media and start-ups.

Nkindi says that although Radio is an important channel in helping Start Ups to grow a brand , Social media is becoming a channel that will help Start Ups grow and expand their services to more people and faster.

Nkindi says “Of course using radio will make a difference but innovate and have a way to include your audience and to interact with the audience through those social media, therefore you will make a difference.”

Mr. Nkindi invites any Start-Up to know mobile channels to be used due to the fact that within five years the mobile communication is likely to take a big share in the media industry not only in Rwanda but also globally.

Recent Statistics show that in Rwanda, Mobile subscriptions Q1 2020 stood at 9,862,992 while in Q2 the number was 9,860,169 means that % change between Q2 and Q1 equals -0.03.

If you look at the figures in Rwanda alone, in the next five years, mobile phones will play a significant role in the media and services, and once the growth of Internet use and smartphones continues among the population this will also lead to the increased number of social network users.

However, Startups also advised to rush into use of Social media without a plan as highlighted by Madam Malebogo Marumoagae, Ex Miss Botswana and brand entrepreneur.

She says “As an entrepreneur if you get into social media too quickly without a plan and unfinished products which are not properly packaged, you are likely to lose that first impression on your products and that means that your products are not ready to bring the outcomes that you want. So, it is better to have a social media plan before you rush into the product.”

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