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“Nikita Kering is a rising star in her home country, Kenya, but she won’t stop until she gets to the top…” – BBC

“Of course, she is truly a revelation. She started in music when she was barely 9 years…” – Business Daily

(Nairobi, Kenya, 25th June 2021) Award winning songstress Nikita Kering’ releases her first EP, ‘A SIDE OF ME’. This EP follows her recent massive single release ‘EX’, which created a buzz amongst her fans and music lovers.

The 7 track EP produced by SoFresh and arranged by Nikita herself, is a masterpiece, a compilation of what you’ve seen/heard and what you haven’t.

Nikita bridges relatable situations and experiences of other people stories by putting herself in their shoes, creatively coming up with a body of work that people could identify with. And in those simple words, ‘A SIDE OF ME’, Nikita Kering’ together with her team made a masterpiece that clearly bloomed her artistic vibe and energy .

On the EP, Nikita shared;

“Initially, an EP wasn’t part of the plan, but I realised that I needed to create a body of work that people could identify with me. I’m excited for people to see a side of me that they never have; hence the name.”

On her very short hiatus, Nikita shared that just like every other person she has had her challenges especially with Covid.

“The challenges were many, however, the greatest was, not being able to work through the night. Honestly, my artistic vibe really peaks at night, so the fact that I couldn’t work in the studio through the night really frustrated me. But I guess everything happens for a reason…if not, I wouldn’t have made the single ‘Ex’ that people really seem to like.”

At 19, her musical journey is a milestone of a decade and she is truly grateful for all the losses  and missed opportunities, because things are seamlessly unfolding with time. As she rides uniquely on her own wave and style, you should expect more from her as an artist. The show must go on!!

To launch the EP, the hardworking songstress, aslo releases the visuals to a track, ‘Crossing Lines’ off this debut EP. Directed by Hardy Wambiakale, the ballad is one to take you through Nikita’s growth in the industry.


While listeners anticipated Nikita’s EP, ‘A SIDE OF ME’, She has made sure the total tracklist of 7 songs in the EP will be something to remember, considering the effort put in and the sleepless nights in the studio.

A SIDE OF ME’ is definitely a vibe to add to your playlist.


  1. Forget (Intro)
  2. Where you been
  3. Ex
  4. Never Let you go
  5. Crossing lines
  6. Better than Ever
  7. Never Let you Go- Acoustic


“I’m so grateful for my team. I can’t begin to describe the hours each of them spent in making the masterpieces we did.

SoFresh 254 was and still is, the Heart of this project. I will forever be touched by his patience in all the projects we collaborate on. I’m so grateful for you.

Makena Kimaita, You are the definition of Support, Love and Kindness. I will never forget the moments we share and the dreams we dream together. Your hard work and efforts will never be forgotten. You are Beautiful.

Hardy Wambiakale, Your Artistic tree is an asset you possess that I will never stop watering. You give life to wild creative imaginations and work diligently in turning them into reality. This is what you have done for me and I will continue to appreciate it.

To everyone else who touched this project, even slightly, you deserve the world, and I will continue to appreciate your efforts; The Kering’s, Sam Mutuku, Evelyne Maingi, Marianne Chemtai, Susan Chepleting’, Trevor Magak, Rodney Wachira and everyone else that I REALLY wish could fit on here. Thank you.

Finally, Anne Kering, My Everything. To think the world doesn’t see your efforts, what they truly don’t see is that my body, art, creativity and hard work is driven by your unending efforts to turn our dream into reality. I hope to make you proud as you live vicariously through this creature you birthed.

And to my Fans, listeners and anyone who supports my music, without you, this wouldn’t make any sense”



Nikita Kering’


Stream & Download ‘A SIDE OF ME’

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