July 19, 2024


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The Role of Satellite in 5G

5G is envisioned as providing capacity and connectivity for anything and in any place, taking the use cases
for mobile broadband networks beyond simple consumer propositions to industrial applications and massive
Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The satellite innovations described above will extend the benefits of 5G
to new use cases and to places not covered by terrestrial networks.

Satellites will enhance 5G deployments by providing broadband connectivity to end users, communications
for moving vehicles, satellite backhaul, content distribution, and backup for large, critical IoT sensor networks.
Work is underway within the 3GPP to incorporate satellite technology into 5G standards, which will facilitate
the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks and enable end devices to connect to both network types.

The complementary benefits that satellites bring to 5G include ubiquitous coverage, multicast and
broadband capabilities, traffic offload for mitigating network congestion, and robust security to protect
against cyberattacks. Vertical sector use cases for satellite-supported 5G networks include disaster recovery,
emergency services, media and broadcast, remote healthcare and education, smart agriculture and remote
industries, such as mining.

Terrestrial networks alone will not deliver the promise of 5G. But with the support of innovative satellite
technologies, 5G will reach its full potential.

Source: Intelsat Report

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