June 7, 2023


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Imfura Heritage Festival, peace activism through arts by young Mfuranzima Fred and featured artists

Israeli Ambassador to Rwanda visiting the exhibition

Mfuranzima Fred, author, artist, poet, Rwandan youth born 1997 is hosting the exhibition September 21st till October 3rd, 2021 at Kigali Public Library with featured artists such as Muheburayo Jehovanie, Burasa Benitie, Nkundiryayo Rhema, Debora Dominic and Elia Hatungimana from Imfura Heritage Rwanda social enterprise.

The Festival creates a moment where youth are joining together and showcase their artworks with messages of peace, mental health, unity and reconciliation.

Imfura Artists not only join together for art-works, they also work in peace, unity and reconciliation activities via different channels such books, music, poems, arts and crafts, schools and community clubs, etc…

“The objective of our exhibition is to develop a deeper understanding of the multiple ways the art can support peace building and maintaining it, to educate and entertain visitors, to foster and inspire peace building among youth within their communities so that everyone can contribute a stone in this journey.” Fred Mfuranzima said.

“We need to create a united community, to create practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change through paintings, photography, music, dances, poetry, books and Drama Therapies, to develop a safe space to young people and institutions on addressing mental health and transmission of trauma as arts express feelings words cannot mean” He added.

“Imfura Heritage Fest aims to bring together leaders and partners from all sectors of society; NGOs, Government institutions, international communities including the champions of ongoing activities, individuals especially youths representatives, and all nationals and internationals Rwanda citizensexperts and researchers in peace building, mental health and genocide studies fields, online audience and media and above all that we need to promote the collaboration and for supporting young generation talents for building better future.” explains Mfuranzima.

Imfura Heritage Arts is  intimate, interactive, arts and literature fair for peace basing on lessons from Genocide against Tutsi 1994 in Rwanda and Great Lakes Region experience. Hosted by post genocide generation artist Mfuranzima Fred and his group Imfura Heritage in partnership with Germany Embassy and Embassy of Israel in Rwanda and others are welcomed to make the idea big.

Imfura Heritage Fest is dedicated to dreams, creative arts serving as a way to re-imagine future, healing, mental health, unit and reconciliation.

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