June 17, 2024


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7 Ways to Help Conservation Efforts

Wildlife is suffering due to the changes in the environment, human behavior, and more. While most people can’t quit their job and go help save a species from extinction, there are plenty of things that can be done from home that will make a difference. Those looking for ways to help conservation efforts can start with the following.

Go Shopping

Going shopping can be a great way to support conservation efforts. Many retailers will donate when products are purchased, and some are specifically for conservation efforts. Buying a sea turtle bracelet, for instance, can help conservationists save turtles. Plus, it’s a great talking point when someone notices the bracelet and asks where it’s from. Opening up conversation is a great way to get others to help the environment, too.

Reduce and Reuse

Reduce how many items are purchased and reuse items as much as possible before throwing them away. This doesn’t contradict the previous way to support wildlife; it simply means being more mindful of purchases. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, use a filter and fill up reusable water bottles. This reduces the amount of plastic purchased and allows for the bottle to be reused as much as possible before it is eventually thrown away.

Pick Up Trash

Take time to pick up trash seen when walking or traveling. When hiking on trails, walking along the beach, or visiting other places, gather any trash that’s seen and throw it away properly. While it would be nice if everyone made sure their trash was handled properly, this just isn’t the case. By picking up the trash left behind by others, however, it is possible to save wildlife that might mistake it for food and end up injured or killed.

Support the National Parks

National Parks are a collection of areas specifically protected to keep wildlife safe. Accessible throughout much of the year, they’re a fantastic place to visit, and each entry fee goes directly towards helping the parks and everything that lives inside of them. On top of this, there are other ways to help support the national parks throughout the year, even when you can’t travel to one in person.

Grow Food at Home

Throughout the year, bananas, apples, and other fruits and vegetables are always available, even if it’s not the right season for them. This convenience means it’s possible to have fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, but at what cost? When they are out of season, fruits and vegetables are shipped from far away to make it to the grocery store. Even when they’re in season, they may be shipped quite a distance to reach the store. To reduce the amount that needs to be shipped, try growing food at home. There are tons of fruits and vegetables that are incredibly easy to grow, and they’ll be fresher than anything in the store.

Send Letters Through the Mail

Want to get in touch with someone? Emails and texting might be more convenient, but there’s nothing better than receiving a personal letter in the mail. Plus, this can be a great way to support conservation efforts. The USPS has created a set of stamps called the Save Vanishing Species Stamps that can be purchased. For each sheet sold, money is donated to conservation efforts. Unique stamps can be a great option for sending letters, and it’s an easy way to help support conservation and work towards saving different species that are in danger.

Volunteer or Donate

Got some spare time or money? Either volunteering with a conservation group or donating funds is a great way to help. Volunteers are often needed and in short supply, so even a little bit of time is going to help the organization. Donations directly to the conservation organization will be used in their efforts to help save species, get the word out about other ways to help, and a lot more. Take the time to learn more about various conservation organizations to find one to donate to or to work with, and request more information about how to help. Doing so makes it easy to give more directly to conservation efforts.

These are just some of the ways to help support conservation efforts and help the environment. Pay attention when shopping, opt for environmentally-friendly products or services as much as possible, and vote to enact change that will help the environment. By doing any or all of the things on this list, it’s possible to make a bigger difference than many people realize. 

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