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Speech of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment as delivered at the Celebration of World Environment Day in Kigali

Mr. Patrick Karera, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment

Transcribed by TOP AFRICA NEWS.

Note that the Permanent Secretary is Mr. Patrick Karera. He was speaking on behalf of the Minister of Environment Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariye who was not present due to another meeting.

Kigali, 3 June, 2022.

As Delivered

Good evening once again, these are not concluding remarks we will conclude during the cocktail. The Minister of Environment is offering every participant here, every guest a cocktail after my remarks, so don’t go home. It’s Friday. Now that I have said the main message, let me go to the appreciation message that the Minister of Environment would like to convey on the World Environment Day. One is to thank the Co-Chair of the environment, climate change thematic working group, Mrs Rowland and the World Bank team that is co-chairing this thematic working group. We are seeing transformation because of your leadership and the Minister of Environment thank you for leading this thematic working group.

Another vote of thanks goes to the REMA board of directors and the members of the board of directors. We thank you for chairing on a daily basis and providing oversight to our regulatory authority and for having spearheaded the development of the next five-year strategic plan that was unveiled today. We thank you for your leadership and the ministry committed to follow up on the implementation of the strategic plan both at intervention level but also at resource mobilisation level working with the Minister of Finance. Thank you.

And to our partners, starting with the security agencies here present, the reserve force represented by the Retired Major General Frank Mugambage and the police force that we work together on a daily basis. We thank you very much. Your contribution to this sector has actually transformed the way we do inspection, the way we get information, the way we work hand in hand with different institutions to make sure that our laws are enforced on ground, thank you very much.

 To the mayors of the districts here representing our local government, we first of all invite you to the cocktail before you go home and we thank you very much. We don’t really take your efforts for granted considering that whatever we do, or every policy, and every law that we have, are actually implemented by your organs. So, to the work that you do, we don’t take it for granted. We thank the local government.

The three categories that I’m going to mention, we live on a daily basis, first of all, apologies where we have confronted you in the past. This goes to the REMA management and all staff. We congratulate you for the work that you’re doing. The ministry appreciates, but you know what is in the pipeline. Thank you.

So, to the heads of agencies who are present both within our sector, but also within different central government institutions, the environment and natural resource is the cross-cutting topic, both at the vision, at the strategy but also at the implementation level. We thank you very much for continuing to actually mainstream the environment and climate change into your plans and actions.

And to the members of the sector working group. The protocol obliges that I start with you but this time you are the hosts to every development partner that we work together on a daily basis, to every private institution, to every academic institution here present, to every civil society partner that we work together on a daily basis. We can only commit to implement our Rwanda climate action together and continue to coordinate these activities.

Lastly, I want to congratulate the winners of the green innovation and investment Awards. The four winners that we have today. Congratulations.

I have been requested by the CEO of FONERWA to ask this question. How do we scale the innovation that we have seen today? We need resources that go through our Rwanda Green Fund. And she has contributed to this cocktail to discuss partnership with you after this meeting. And lastly, I wanted to convey the message from the minister environment for you to mark the following dates on your calendar:  

We are glad that we will be hosting some of the forums to discuss the implementation of our strategic plan. The upcoming one is the third Africa Ecosystem Service regional conference starting next week on Wednesday, organised by the Ministry of Environment and IUCN to be held in Musanze.

Those that have registered we invite you to visit the gorillas. Those that will be able to follow it online please we will be glad to have you during the conference. The second one is on 18th to 23rd July, which is the Africa Protected Area Congress. The registration is open. We expect to host, currently the registration is 1600 participants globally, but the registration is still open.

So, we want to invite you to the Africa Protected Area Congress that will convene at Kigali convention centre on 18th to 23rd July, please register. To register online you can check the website of the Ministry of Environment and our social media handles.

You can also check the Africa Wildlife Foundation social media handle and the IUCN social media handles for registration.

Lastly, we want to invite you to the World Circular Economy Forum on 7th to 8th December here at Marriott Hotel. The registration will be open in the coming days. You are all invited most especially the private sector and all those companies in the World Circular economy businesses. Thank you very much.

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