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Kagame to fully deliver on his pledges

President Paul Kagame has told residents of Ruhango District that he will ensure he delivers on promises he made in 2017 during the presidential campaigns saying that he owes it to them because they delivered what they promised by voting for him.

The President was speaking on Thursday, August 25, during his first stop of his four-day tour of the Southern and Western provinces, which is part of his citizen outreach initiative.

“I am happy to be back here in Ruhango District, I wished to return soon since our last meeting during the campaigns in 2017. That time, you delivered on your promise and left me with a debt of what we should deliver,” said the President, as he addressed thousands who had welcomed him.

Among the pledges that Kagame promised to deliver on include increasing access to clean water, electricity, and agricultural produce among others.

Currently, 68 per cent of Ruhango residents have access to clean water while those with access to electricity are 78 per cent.

“We haven’t fully delivered on the promise but we are in process. We promise to do our best, but also request you to work hard since the government has offered you means,” President Kagame told over 50,000 residents.

Ruhango is home to Kinazi cassava processing factory, the biggest in the country but according to the Head of State, the factory has not reached its full potential.

“I have learned that Kinazi Cassava factory only operates at 50% of its capacity. My question is, why? This needs to be addressed. The factory can’t operate without cassava. This cassava comes from you and should benefit you. We need to add value to everything we do. We are informed that the market, even outside the country, is there and the cassava flour is appreciated,” he said as he encouraged residents to produce more cassava and satisfy the factory demand.

Ruhango is also a mining and agricultural town and according to the district mayor, Valens Habarurema, there is need for several roads connecting the district with its neighouring markets.

The roads he pointed out include one connecting through Ruhango – Kinazi – Rutabo – Kamonyi, the other one connecting through Ruhango –Gitwe – Buhanda – Karongi and another one that goes through Kirengeri – Buhanda – Kaduha.

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Kagame also pledged to have the roads built and in responding to citizens’ questions he also committed to giving Ruhango a stadium that would as well serve the neighbouring districts.

Post-pandemic recovery, vaccination

The President went into details of how Rwanda went through Covid-19 pandemic times, and how Rwandans abided by the measures that were put in place, including high uptake of vaccines.

“We fought the pandemic with available means, and it required behavioral and attitude change. You complied with the lockdowns and other tough safety measures well, and I thank you for that. Between the norms and life, you chose life,” he said.

This is the first of such tours he has held since the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020.

Rwanda remains one of the African countries with a high uptake of covid-19 vaccines. Globally, those who resist the vaccines have attached myths on the vaccinations which the president also addressed.

He added that Rwanda’s concern as a country was where to get the vaccines because there was no resistance and the government was aware of the need.

President Kagame also met with opinion leaders of Southern Province while on his second leg of the tour on Friday, August 26, he will meet with residents of Nyamagabe District and opinion leaders of Western Province.


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