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TOP AFRICA NEWS named its Best 2022 Sources of Green information in Rwanda

Best 2022 Sources of Green information in Rwanda

Every end of the year, TOP AFRICA NEWS goes back and looks at how it has worked with Government Organizations, Local NGOs or other members of the Private sector especially those whose works were published on TOP AFRICA NEWS website and how their Media Relations Managers have at a certain point maximized their willingness to communicate their work via this website while at the same time continuing to provide the capacity building for TAN Team. 

In this regard, in 2022, TOP AFRICA NEWS has benefited a lot from Rwanda’s Ministry of Environment through its line agencies such as Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), the Rwanda Forestry Authority (RFA) and the Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) which is affiliated to the Prime Minister’s Office.

From several occasions, our media Team mostly covering the environment and natural resources sectors, have been capacitated through various Media Trainings whose objectives were to equip journalists with the needed skills to be able to cover the above mentioned interlinked sectors in a bid to form professional environmental journalists who are not only able to provide quality media coverage but also the journalists who can contribute their opinions in shaping the future of environment that the human-beings deserve. 

In the year 2022, among the non governmental organizations that have shown good will to work with TOP AFRICA NEWS by channeling public information through our website and by providing our team members with other media opportunities, whether for capacity building or through events coverages , IUCN Rwanda continues to be at the top of the Non Governmental Organizations that continues to believe in TOP AFRICA NEWS Team capacity. 

In addition to the fact that this agency has shown outstanding Media cooperation with TOP AFRICA NEWS in 2022, since 2020 and year before, this agency has been cooperating with TOP AFRICA NEWS in informing Rwandans of various activities aimed at preserving the environment, Forests and Landscape Restoration activities.

IUCN has been an organization that showed its commitment to provide, through TOP AFRICA NEWS and other local media, accurate information regarding what it is doing and at the same time conveying messages aimed at landscape Restoration and the protection of environment in Rwanda and this has been the cornerstone for our media to stay on the course of providing accurate and timely information to the general public.

Effective Media Relations is usually one of the most important pillars that help organizations to make people know what they do, not for the purpose of advertising, but in order to show the beneficiaries/stakeholders and the general public what is required of them in order to achieve a certain goal for a certain benefit and this is the philosophy behind TOP AFRICA NEWS Media Partnership initiative.

The next organization that has shown a great interest in disseminating its work related information via TOP AFRICA NEWS was the Global Green Growth Institute-Rwanda commonly known as the GGGI Rwanda.

While TOP AFRICA NEWS has remained open for any organization that wishes to use this channel as the reliable vehicle of information transfer, the GGGI Rwanda has remained our partner for several occasions including for media coverage, capacity building and even for some exclusive interviews that offered us an opportunity to get tangible information from the reliable sources in GGGI community.

We should not have been able to inform our audience of what GGGI Rwanda is doing and now it is well-known that the GGGI Rwanda continues to play an important role in supporting Rwanda’s Green Growth through various initiatives including waste management, e-mobility solutions, Green buildings projects, green-preneurship among other programs.

The other organization was ARCOS Network. This international conservation organization has not ceased to inform the general public via TOP AFRICA NEWS. It was a very great honor for our team to provide media coverage for this organization that is dealing with the grassroots needs through conservation work. The work of ARCOS Network has continued to inspire the current generation who are interested in contributing their knowledge and skills in providing local communities with innovative Nature based solutions.

The other organization on the list is Rwanda Environmental Journalists, a non-governmental national journalism organization created by and for journalists who report environmental topics in the news media in Rwanda. 

REJ has contributed in the enhancement of the  capacity among our Team to be able to report on environmental issues through workshops, networking, information sharing, among others.


Through the effective collaboration with the above mentioned institutions, TOP AFRICA NEWS has been able to record an increase of audience up to 150% with a reference to 2018 when this website was launched.

  • According to the TOP AFRICA NEWS Analytic results, 85% of people who read our news content in the year 2022 have been attracted by our environment category through which the above mentioned organizations have published their articles.  
  • It is also clear that the content related to IUCN Rwanda attracted more readership followed by ARCOS Network, GGGI Rwanda, REMA, RWB and RFA in their respective order.

Also note that IN 2022, the MEA (Middle East and Africa) Markets Publishing Company has declared TOP AFRICA NEWS Website from Rwanda as the MEA Markets’ SME of the Year 2022 and Best International Publication Service Provider.

The MEA Markets Awards highlights and acknowledges the industry leaders from the wide-ranging sectors and specialisms across the African continent.

Commenting on this achievement, the Managing Director and Founder of TOP AFRICA NEWS Publishing company, Mr. DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire said “The fact that we were chosen from thousands of media operating on the African continent, especially as a digital news website and publication operating from Rwanda and providing international services, is a sign of the hard work and professionalism of the TOP AFRICA NEWS team.”

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