February 27, 2024


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The COP27 Resilience Report

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to announce that the COP27 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report is now available! 

The report provides a run down of the key resilience and adaptation outcomes from COP27 and the main messages and policy takeaways from the Resilience Hub.

It has been created via the leads of the more than 70 sessions which took place at the Resilience Hub, the four Regional Resilience Hubs that took place pre-COP27, in addition to the over 15,000 global participants who participated in-person and online.
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Key Takeaways 
  • Five cross-cutting messages emerged:
  • Scaling action on adaptation and resilience is inextricably linked to, and a prerequisite for, containing the magnitude of Loss and Damage.
  • While significant finance gaps remain, a wider diversity of financial actors are taking action to embed resilience as part of strategies, operations, and reporting.
  • The spectrum of mitigation, adaptation and resilience, and Loss and Damage requires a concerted approach to the governance of implementation.
  • Arts, heritage, and culture must be at the heart of adaptation and resilience action – protecting them is key to thriving livelihoods and human development.
  • Locally-led adaptation (LLA) and resilience implementation requires radical collaboration across actors and scales.
Review All Resilience Hub Sessions
ICYMI: All sessions from the COP27 Resilience Hub are available to watch on YouTube! Click here to see our playlists. All session recordings are also still available on our virtual platform.
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