June 17, 2024


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President Macky Sall endorses eLearning Africa

President Macky Sall

President Macky Sall of Senegal is giving his enthusiastic backing to eLearning Africa, as the conference heads back to West Africa. The President has agreed to become the official patron of the event.

eLearning Africa today (Thursday) published a copy of a letter from President Sall to the event’s founder and director, Ms Rebecca Stromeyer. In it, the President said:

“I congratulate you and encourage you as you develop this important summit, which contributes in an outstanding way to education, training and professional development, through the use of digital technologies, to which I attach such great significance.”

Rebecca Stromeyer, the Founder of eLearning Africa, welcomed the support of President Sall and his Government:

“President Sall and the Government of Senegal know how important digitally assisted education and training are to economic growth. They have seen how technology has helped to spread the benefit of education across Africa. In Senegal, there have recently been major improvements in infrastructure and the country is becoming an economic powerhouse under the President’s leadership.

“I am delighted that eLearning Africa is returning to Senegal for what promises to be our most important and exciting event ever. The fact that President Sall and his Government are giving such enthusiastic support to eLearning Africa shows the significance they attach not only to the event itself but also to the EdTech sector and the development of the digital economy.

“As plans for a single market and a single digital market in Africa take shape, Senegal is leading the advance into a new age of opportunity. And the opportunities are immense. Africa is the world’s most exciting continent, with its youngest population and some of its fastest growing economies. Senegal is one of the most innovative and creative countries in Africa, with a thriving digital sector. It has one of the highest levels of mobile phone access on the continent.

“There will be a lot of discussion at eLearning Africa about investment and partnerships, as well as about the strategies, products and solutions that will enable technology-assisted education and training to boost economic growth and job creation by equipping Africans with the modern skills they need to succeed.”

Education and training are central to President Sall’s vision of Senegal as a regional economic powerhouse. In 2018 he launched the ‘Emerging Senegal Plan,’ which includes measures to support learning facilities, infrastructure, content development, research and innovation. So, eLearning Africa, which holds an annual ministerial roundtable at the conference, will provide a forum for dialogue with one of Africa’s most energetic champions of edTech-based growth.

Abdoulaye Mbengue, Chief Executive of one Africa’s leading social education platforms, the Senegalese company ‘TooShare,’ the Lead Partner of the conference, said:

“Senegal is one of Africa’s most exciting economies. The Government understands the importance of investment in digital technology, particularly in the education and training sector. This year’s eLearning Africa is taking place at a vitally important time for the future of the continent, as plans for a single market begin to take shape, and we couldn’t be in a better place for what promises to be a historic event.”

In a further sign of the importance now attached at the highest levels in Senegal to digitally supported learning, it has also been confirmed that the conference will take place with the support of the ministries of Basic Education, Higher Education, Further Education and Training, and Digital Economy. And the Minister of Communication, Telecommunication and the Digital Economy, Moussa Bocar Thiam, has instructed the department’s Secretary General, Dr Isaac Sissokho, to assist with arrangements for the conference.

The conference, which will be the 16th Edition of eLearning Africa, will take place from 24 – 26 May in Dakar, at the Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre – CICAD. Its overall theme will be “New Model Learning: Innovating to Become Sustainable, Self-Reliant, Equitable and Resilient.” For information about the conference theme and sub themes, please visit the conference website:


eLearning Africa also includes a major exhibition by some of the world’s leading suppliers of products, services and courses. More information can be found here:

eLearning Africa – Africa’s Home for Ideas, Innovation and Sustainable Solutions for Education, Training and Skills Development since 2005 

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