July 18, 2024


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Rwanda Expands Diplomatic Reach and Forges Strategic Partnerships, Making Global Impact


In a remarkable display of Rwanda’s growing influence on the world stage, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Vincent Biruta, announced today at Rwanda Day in the US that Rwanda has significantly increased its diplomatic reach and forged strategic partnerships in various sectors.

He said that this expansion has not only bolstered Rwanda’s presence abroad but has also positioned the country as a key player in addressing global issues.

Minister Biruta explained that “Since the last Rwanda Day in October 2019, Rwanda has opened eight new diplomatic missions across four continents, bringing the total number of Rwandan embassies abroad to an impressive 47.”

Breaking new ground, Rwanda will establish its first-ever embassy in Latin America with the opening of an embassy in Brasilia. The ambassador designated to Brasilia was present at the gathering, symbolizing Rwanda’s commitment to strengthen ties with this region.

Additionally, Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, has become a hub for foreign missions, hosting a growing number of diplomats. Currently, there are 45 foreign diplomatic missions in Rwanda, including countries such as Mozambique, Pakistan, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Guinea-Bissau, Ukraine, and Canada, which recently upgraded its diplomatic mission to a High Commission.

Rwanda’s influence is not limited to diplomatic achievements alone.

The country is also becoming a home for various international organizations, including the African Medicines Agency, the Fund for Export Development in Africa, the FIFA Regional Development Office, and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Headquarters for the Africa Region. These affiliations further solidify Rwanda’s status as a global player committed to driving positive change.

Furthermore, Rwanda has entered into strategic partnerships that aim to address pressing global issues while fostering economic development.

“One such partnership is with the German technology firm BioNTech in the health sector. This collaboration seeks to manufacture mRNA-based products and vaccines in Rwanda, bridging the gap in lifesaving vaccine production in Africa and serving both local and regional needs.” Minister Biruta said.

Another noteworthy partnership is the Migration and Economic Development Partnership with the UK.

Minister Biruta explained that this groundbreaking initiative aims to tackle the root causes of the migration crisis by addressing global inequalities and opportunities that drive economic migrants from their homes.

By entering into this partnership, Rwanda is playing an active role in combating human trafficking networks associated with illegal migration, while simultaneously investing in its economic development and providing opportunities for migrants and Rwandans alike.

In addition to these partnerships, Rwanda continues to work closely with the African Union and the UNHCR to welcome refugees, particularly through the Emergency Transit Mechanism. This mechanism provides temporary refuge for migrants evacuated from Libya before their relocation.

Since September 2019, Rwanda has received over 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers, with more than 1,200 individuals subsequently resettled to third countries.

Rwanda’s remarkable achievements in expanding its diplomatic reach and forging strategic partnerships highlight its commitment to addressing global challenges and contributing to positive change. By fostering relationships across continents and sectors, Rwanda is making a lasting impact on the world stage, solidifying its position as a key player in international affairs.

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