June 20, 2024


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Rwanda and Poland Strengthen Bonds of Friendship and Collaboration

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In a warm and cordial welcome, President Paul Kagame expressed gratitude to the Polish President Andrzej Duda and delegation for their visit to Rwanda, highlighting the strong bonds of friendship and collaboration between the two countries. The remarks were made during a State Visit, where President Kagame acknowledged Poland’s significant contribution to Rwanda’s development.

One notable example of Poland’s support was its long-standing commitment to the School and Education Center for visually-impaired children in Kibeho. President Kagame commended the Institute for its positive impact on the lives of many, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in Rwanda’s progress.

President Kagame stated, “The government of Poland has contributed directly to our country’s development, and we are very grateful for this. The Institute is bringing positive change in the lives of many, and that is not something we take for granted. Therefore, thank you very much.”

The partnership between Rwanda and Poland has also yielded positive results in the field of education, with numerous Rwandan students currently studying in Polish universities. This collaboration has provided valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange and capacity building.

President Kagame expressed his anticipation for the Rwanda-Poland Business Roundtable Discussions, which would further strengthen economic ties between the two nations. He emphasized the importance of exploring trade and investment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as green technology, environment, energy, and trade.

“Our two countries just signed agreements in the field of green technology, environment, energy, and trade,” President Kagame noted. “The development of these sectors is critical to becoming resilient and adapting to the new reality of intersecting global shocks.”

President Kagame expressed confidence in the progress achieved through the strong partnership between Rwanda and Poland, highlighting that the presence of diplomatic relations would only serve to accelerate and solidify these achievements.

In conclusion, President Kagame thanked the Polish President and delegation for their visit to Rwanda, expressing hope that they would enjoy their stay. He reiterated his belief in the continued success of the strong partnership between the two countries.

President Kagame’s remarks not only highlighted the significant impact of the Center for Visually Impaired in Kibeho but also emphasized the importance of education, trade, and investment in Rwanda’s development. The State Visit serves as a testament to the enduring friendship and collaboration between Rwanda and Poland, paving the way for further cooperation in various sectors.

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