April 20, 2024


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JSO Exchange Meeting Held at Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali to discuss partnership opportunities

Emmanuel Twizeyimana, the N-JSO coordinator, stated, “This meeting is crucial for us to come together and address the challenges that exist between the labour Market and our students in TVET centres. By working together and sharing best practices, we can ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the labor market.”

The participants at the meeting are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate and find solutions to the challenges facing TVET centres. By establishing networks and partnerships, they hope to create a more industry-oriented training environment that will benefit both students and employers.

On March 8th, the JSOs will have the chance to exchange best practices with key stakeholders, which will help shape the future relationship between TVETs and the labor market. This collaboration is essential for ensuring that students receive the training they need to secure meaningful employment.

The JSO Exchange Meeting at Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali is a significant step towards bridging the skills gap in TVET centres and creating a more effective training environment for students. With continued collaboration and dedication, the participants hope to see positive changes in the linkage of students to the labour market.

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