April 13, 2024


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Rwanda: Sypro Ltd’s Business Lead Praises Don Bosco Technical Schools for Providing Comprehensive Job Services to Ensure Student Success

SYPRO LTD’s Business Lead on Friday, March 8, 2024 was invited in a JSO Exchange Meeting that brought together the Job Service Officers from Don Bosco Technical Schools in Rwanda and key stakeholders from the labour Market.

She was impressed by the comprehensive job services provided to students. The SYPRO LTD’s Business Lead commended the schools for their dedication to ensuring student success both during and after their time at the school. She was particularly impressed by the data-driven decision making and the guidance provided to students even after graduation.

Below are excerpts from our Interview with SYPRO LTD’s Business Lead:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Therese Niyigena, and I am a Business Lead at SYPRO LTD. 

What is SYPRO LTD?

SYPRO LTD is a Rwandan professional organization where engineers come together to collaborate and deliver work as promised to their employers. 

What inspired you the most today?

It was an honor to be here today and learn about how Don Bosco Schools operate and how job services officers closely guide students on being successful outside of school. I was surprised to see that a secondary school could have such a department, and the impact it has on students goes beyond my expectations. The guidance provided to students even after graduation is truly commendable. I was impressed by the fact that decisions are based on data, ensuring that students are prepared for the labor market.

What challenges do you face when enrolling fresh graduates in your programs?

One of the main challenges we face is related to soft skills. While graduates may excel in their technical abilities, they often struggle with communication skills. It is essential for them to be able to effectively communicate with colleagues and employers. My advice is to focus on improving public speaking and the ability to convey ideas effectively.

Why should women pursue careers in Technical engineering?

Women should pursue careers in engineering because they have the skills and creativity required for the field. Engineering is not just about technical skills; it also involves creativity and innovation. Women excel in areas such as decoration and interior design, bringing a unique perspective to the field. They have the ability to start from scratch and create beautifully designed spaces.

On International Women’s Day, what message do you have for women and girls?

To all the women out there, believe in yourselves and trust your worth. You are capable of achieving great things. Thank you.

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