April 17, 2024


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Partners and Cooperatives Exhibit in Nyaruguru Open Day

Starting Tuesday to Thursday this week, Nyaruguru District is having an exhibition for its stakeholders showcasing their different activities.

Around 30 partners and Cooperatives from the social, economic, good governance and service delivery are participating in the three day event.

The expo was organised by the district’s Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) to exhibit activities and services they extend to the residents of Nyaruguru.

The Mayor, Habitegeko Francois officially opening the event on Wednesday called for concerted efforts between stakeholders to uplift the well-being of the District ‘residents.

The Mayor said that all stakeholders including citizens need to work together as a definite way that will lead to the sustainable Development of the District.

He lauded stakeholders who organised the exhibition and all those who turned up.

Before the Official launch of the exhibition, Mayor Habitegeko held a Press Conference during which he announced various development initiatives which are being implemented in the district in order to uplift a big number of citizens from poverty.

He mentioned a 66 Km asphalt road which is going to be constructed in the District. He noted that construction work will start in August this year.

Habitegeko also told Journalists that in coming Days Unilever is going to establish a Tea factory in the District.

Among other development projects that are taking place in Nyaruguru include the Modern Hospital of Munini.

During the 3-day open day, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), private companies, public institutions, small enterprises (SME) and civil society will exhibit their services and products.

Nyaruguru is a district in Southern Province, Rwanda. Its capital is Kibeho, a pilgrimage site of the Catholic Church.

Nyaruguru which was once isolated has seen many transformations that have brought change to citizens.

There was no feeder road in 2010 but today there are about 39.5 feeder roads.

Currently at least 30% of population are connected to electricity grid.

Nyaruguru has 14 sectors namely Busanze, Cyahinda, Kibeho, Kivu, Mata, Muganza, Munini, Ngera, Ngoma, Nyabimata, Nyagisozi, Ruheru, Ruramba, Rusenge.

In 2015, the District had approximately 4617.04 of radical terraces up from 2900.00 in 2011 and the year 2017/2018 saw the number of hectares increased to 5121 Hectares.

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