May 28, 2024


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Rwanda Police start operations against glass tinted vehicles

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) department of Traffic and Road Safety has started countrywide operations against vehicles with tinted glasses.

Senior Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi, the spokesperson for the traffic department said that tinting glasses or making them translucent from outside amount to violation of traffic rules and regulations.

“Basing on the Presidential Decree No. 85/01of 02/09/2002, regulating general traffic police and road traffic, especially in its article 85 on Windscreen-Glasses; and following continuous awareness against tinted glasses, the traffic department has today (Wednesday) started operations across the country to penalize owners of vehicles with tinted glasses, but also to remove these stickers,” SSP Ndushabandi said.

Sub-section one of clause one of the said article, states that “transparent substances constituting elements of the outer surface of the vehicle including the windscreens or the inner separating surface, must be such that in case of breaking, the danger of body injury be reduced in all possible measures.”

Subsection two add that “windscreen glasses must be made of a substance, the transparence of which cannot be altered and be such that they cannot provoke any noticeable deformation of the objects seen by transparent and that in case of breaking the driver could still see sufficiently the public way.”

“Despite the awareness and advice we give to owners of automobiles against tinting glasses, which is a violation of road safety standards, the number of vehicles with dark tinted glasses continue to increase. We are, therefore taking another step to enforce the law,” SSP Ndushabandi said.

“Those with factory tinted glasses, we advise them to replace them because legal restrictions apply to them as well,” he explained.

About 130 vehicles with dark tinted glasses were intercepted on various highways on the first day of operations.

It is said that low light levels reduce vision and are an impediment to safe driving.

“As usual, enforcing the law or legal instruments comes as a last option. We appeal to owners of automobiles to respect traffic rules and regulations rather than being forced to do so,” he said.

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