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Condolences of Dr. Livingstone’s Friend to his Widow and Family

John Steward, who has founded a reconciliation program that has had more than 100,000 people go through it in Rwanda following the genocide. Relaxes at a writers retreat near Beechmont , outside the Gold Coast .

Dr John Steward, an Australian man who lived with Dr. Livingstone Byamungu has expressed his condolences to Dr. Livingstone’s widow as her husband and four children were perished in a tragic accident in Uganda.

Dr. Livingstone, wife and four children were driving to Uganda for a wedding, a car they were driving in was involved in a terrible accident and only two people survived. Same family lost their first born daughter a few months.

Having learnt about the accident, his friend Dr. John Steward requested TOPAFRICANEWS to send the following condolences to his widow who is also in a critical condition at the hospital, according to the information reaching our desk.

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Here are condolences

“Sir, I have read of the tragic accident causing the death of Dr Livingstone Byamungu and four children. I am wondering if you could kindly pass on my condolences to his widow and Family, with the following explanation:

Dr Livingstone and I became friends in 1997 when we both worked for World Vision in Kigali. At that time we worked closely together on matters related to the well-being of staff. I was fortunate enough to travel back to Kigali every 6 months so that our friendship grew stronger with time.

In 1999 he amazed me by giving me a cow; I was so honoured to be part of this traditional custom with such deep meaning.

 He even drove me to the Kagitumba area to see the cow. One or two years later as the cow grew and needed more regular care, I chose to gift this cow to the wife of Dr Livingstone. This gesture came back to me as I read of her survival.

I am sorry that I cannot attend the funeral but wish to pass on greetings of my wife and my self and assurance of prayers in the hope that she will gradually progress towards healing.

I remain very sad at the loss of a good friend and for the devastation brought to this family.

May the peace of God rest on you all.

Thank you,

Dr JOHN STEWARD, Author of the book: From Genocide to Generosity,

Cranbourne, Australia

0439 323 727


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