Tue. Jul 7th, 2020


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Confirmed: Rwanda detains Sankara

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau has detained NSABIMANA Callixte a.k.a Sankara, while processing his criminal case file.

Nsabimana has been wanted over several offences committed on Rwandan territory.

These include: Formation of an irregular armed group; Complicity in committing terrorist acts; Conspiracy and incitement to commit terrorist acts; Taking persons hostage; Murder; and Looting.

Nsabima has been using Social media especially youtube channel to spread sorts of message many of them confirming that he and his armed forces have captured various parts of Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park being his army base.

Apart from messages spread on social media Sankara also was heard in various videos and audios using disrespectful language to Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

Sankara message may have destroyed Rwanda’s reputation on International Scene though Rwanda has been doing whatever possible to ensure the world that the country is secure and peaceful.

RIB says “Nsabimana’s case file will be submitted to the National Public Prosecution Authority in accordance with Rwandan criminal procedure law.”


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