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Ingabire Victoire in “Charity Services”

Ingabire Victoire

Rwanda’s opposition figure, leader of the yet to be registered FDU Inkingi party was seen in a local hospital serving food to needy patients, TOPAFRICANEWS has dependently reported.

A Local media has recently reported that Ingabire Victoire, a Rwandan woman who was released from Prison by presidential amnesty eight months (Now eleven months) ago has been found conducting recruitment for her non registered political party where she is interested in Hutu only, 25 years after Rwanda refused to be defined on ground of ethnicity because it led the country to the worst tragedy of 20th century – the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

However there was no trace that Ingabire was arrested or not.

This website has learnt that Ingabire is now in Nationwide campaign campaign delivering food to needy people in hospitals.

However, one Tweeted “She supplied no food but joined some spiritually compromised fellows in a local organisation so-called “Umunsi wera wumucyo” which to me could be acting in a political maneuverability intention; gaining populace in the name of ‘love ….”



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