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Imfura Arts For Peace in creating spaces for dialogues in the community  ‘ Lit Circle

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Imfura Arts For Peace founded by Author Mfuranzima Fred has launched dialogues between Youth, parents, public figures, government officials, public sectors and different institutions where they come together and discuss the community issues, raise questions and inspire young people

Dialogues were organized in partnership with Enterprise Africa.

Today, the African youth are mostly affected by the management of direct and indirect consequences of wars, poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and limited possibilities of accessing education.

Young people are facing many challenges due to the current social and economic situation of our countries, willingly need comfortable space for them where they can meet and discuss their own issues, find solutions and develop their critical thinking.

Mfuranzima Fred said that he created this dialogues using arts because he believes that ” creative arts serve as way to reimagine the future, to build bridges and foster understanding, to develop empathy, to make friends, to express feelings, to build self-confidence, to learn how to be flexible and open-minded, to be exposed to different ideas and learn to listen to the views of others and work collaboratively. These  are all attributes that can help to promote peace as Imfura Arts For Peace aim. “

Dr Joseph Nkurunziza, Director of Never Again Rwanda who has attended the dialogue in Kigali said that ” Young people now have different challenges and many opportunities, but they have to start small and try to take those opportunities, but young people must have not wish to be riches without working for it.”

Umutesi who’s journalist said:”Young people must be aware of technology around and learn how to use their time and do what is right and best for their community.

Pastor Olvier Ndizeye believes that young people have will and ability to bring positive impacts in the communities but they’re lacking trust from different places which hinders them to make changes but he asks young people to become responsible and rise their trust avoiding to rushing in everything without plan”

Ibrahim E., a young poet said young Africans are lacking the trust and support from elders, as Mfuranzima Fred was asking if the system where above 60 % of Africa leaders are above 60 years if they really understand young people inspirations and dreams.

Belinda who’s a young enterpreneur said to girls to don’t trade their future by short cuts because wherever you get with no plans everyone is ready to use you wrongly, told young girls to keep working for their values and self-respect in order to achieve their dreams.

Sano Cristella who’s a fashion model at Oprah Rwanda a fashion designer, agree with Clement who’s a music producer that young people must follow their talents, dreams and inspirations regardless of what their guardians suggested because nowadays we don’t need smart jobs but everything that is matter to you must be the source of young people income rather than relying on studies only and seeking for a job.

Everlyne Niyomukesha  representative of Enterprise Africa said that supporting young people to come together and discuss their own issues is the best way to let them find their best own solutions, get network and mentors.

As Calixte Gatera, career teacher mentor agree that young people don’t need guidance but counselor and motivations

These dialogues Mfuranzima Fred started them in rural areas and said he decided to make them happen after talking to many people when he’s writing his books and get an idea of instead of talking to individuals, he can bring them together and share those ideas together and write them after and share them with other people who were not around then, which he said they’re becoming very successful due to the space ideas and benefits to the attendees.



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