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Rugalika: Natives urged to emulate Jews’ Zionism ideology to develop Birthplace

The Executive Secretary of Rugalika Sector addressing the meeting

Native citizens from Rugalika Sector in Kamonyi District are called to emulate Zionism ideology at the local level in order to contribute to the development of their birthplace sector and even to the improvement of the socioeconomic life of the residents of Rugalika Sector.

The call was made on Sunday during a gathering that brought together those who were born in the sector but today live or work outside the sector, community leaders, business owners as well as opinion leaders in the sector.

One of the citizens giving his opinion on what resident should benefit from the coalition of the natives living outside the sector

The event raised different opinions aimed at putting the citizen of Rugalika at an advanced level while holding on the role of the native in this process of development of this Urban Sector which is in some Kilometers from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Speaking at the event, Albert Musabyimana, the President of Union of the native citizens of Rugalika said that at least 500 people who were born in Rugalika but are working outside the sector have been so far mobilized to play a role in the well-being of their birthplace.

He said that it was as a result of the various reports that showed that this sector was on the lowest level in the payment of health insurance fees, that they decided to form the union of the natives in order to join their efforts to help the local administration find the solution for this problem and thus continue to support other socio-economic areas.

“In the beginning, the committee decided to start with the solutions on the serious issues that were affecting lives of the citizens.” Musabyimana explains.

“It is then that we gathered an amount of Rwf 1,658,000 which was used to pay health insurance fees for 546 citizens.” He added

Albert Musabyimana, President of the Union of the natives of Rugalika

Musabyimana noted that people should think more on their birthplace and the positive act on the citizens is a kind of giving back to the community that raised them from the childhood to the level they stand in today.

“For instance, when I have an opportunity that can help someone, I first ask if there can be someone from Rugalika that can grab that opportunity and in business we must do the same! Think about your contribution to the development of our sector,” He urged.

It is like advocating Zionism practice in the local context where the natives can contribute to the development of the homeland.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Protais Rwiyemaho, the commander of Police in Kamonyi commended the union saying that “sitting together to find out solutions to the existing challenges in their sector is a good gesture that shows the love they have towards the birthplace.”

He uses a parable highlighting that “Water boils but after a while it turned cold.”

“A person who doesn’t know where he/she came from, she/he will not be able to know where he/she is heading to” he adds.

SP Rwiyemaho uses “The story of Israelis” on how through Zionism ideology they were able to build a strong nation from their joint effort.

“For instance, Jews have what we call Zionism! Wherever an Israeli is, he thinks about his country. He gives his contribution, the knowledge he has gained he shares with his country. That’s why you find that Israel is small country which is strong that not everyone can dare to destabilize” Rwiyemaho explains.

He urged the gathering to act based on cultural values adding that the culture is a foundation of the sustainable progress.

Born in the area, Pastor Mugenzi Deo, the Professor at the University of World Mission also confirms that the idea of Zionism can work at the local level because it is a spirit of patriotism.

“It can work because that is a spirit of Patriotism. When you love you country, wherever you are you can always contribute to the wellbeing of your country.” He says.

“So it is very important that even Rwandans can organize themselves wherever they are so as to contribute to economic development of their country.” He added.

He insisted that what the parents have done in their time was very important and now this is time for Rugalika citizens to contribute to see the progressive movement of their sector.

As a guest of Honor, MP Kamanzi Ernest highlighted that people should not think that they sit idle and wait for the Government to do everything rather they can also do the part they are able to do.

“We can’t undermine the work of the Government. The Nation or the District is like a parent with many children that need to be all cared for. Some need to go to school; others need medical assistance, etc…” MP Kamanzi explains.

“But today as we sit here we are looking for what we can do as natives of Rugalika in order to reach to another level.” He added.

Hon. Kamanzi also reminded citizens that whatever they are doing they must think of the persisting challenges that youth are facing today.

He mentions the issue of early pregnancies and drug abuse among the youth as the key challenges that must be dealt with because the issue is at the alarming point countrywide.

“A country that seeks to develop doesn’t rely on the old people…, it relies on youth. But today we have the problem of early pregnancies among juvenile girls; our youth are being destroyed by the drug abuse…so whatever you are thinking, think also about solutions to these problems” He urges.



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