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Emmanuel Macron wants Rwanda and Uganda to join Tshisekedi in the fight against rebels

President Félix Tshisekedi talks with Lieutenant Célestin Mbala, FARDC Chief of Staff, and Chief of Staff of the Rwanda Defense Forces, General Patrick Nyamvuba. Photo Presidency of the DRC.

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron has promised to accompany President Tshisekedi in his plans for great ambitions aimed at improving the lives of Congolese.

He announced Tuesday, November 12 after his meeting with President Felix Tshisekedi.

 “I hope that we can accompany the President in the ambitious projects he has launched. In education, we will invest at least 15 million Euros to support this great project of free education and in particular, we will engage in training of teachers. We will engage, alongside this bilateral partnership, the global partnership for education, “promised Emmanuel Macron, in a video posted on the Twitter account of the Presidency of the DRC.

France is also committed to exchanging intelligence and investing in military cooperation to eradicate the armed groups that control the eastern part of the DRC.

Emmanuel Macron said he hoped that all the countries in the region would join the Congolese president, particularly Rwanda and Uganda.

 “We are going to fight against the armed groups. Cooperation will be on intelligence, but also on military cooperation. We will also take diplomatic action to punish the leaders of these groups, within the framework of the United Nations. France is committed to fight against these armed groups that destabilize the country. I hope that the countries of the region can be engaged alongside President Tshisekedi, I think of the Rwandan and Ugandan friends, in this fight, “said Macron.

 He also promises health cooperation for the stabilization and reconstruction of the health system, but also in the agricultural sector. President Tshisekedi said he is happy to see France back in all these areas.

Emmanuel Macron responded favorably to Félix Tshisekedi’s invitation. He will come to the DRC in 2020.


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